May Spritz

The light intermittent rain this past week has stimulated the lettuce, turnips, radish, cilantro, kale, turnips, chard, collards, volunteer shiso, and turnips. Also stimulated a number of students to get into the damp garden during that mid day break yesterday.

Their handiwork is evident in the new plantings of dianthus, parsley, eggplant (Ichiban var.) and a harvest of all those greens for Prof Stewart’s dining room lunch class today. Most noteworthy pickings were the mixed greens: chard, kale, collards;  and spicy white arugula flowers.   Also, a stalwart giant cilantro plant, nearly as tall as Sandy M. that has been in the ground over 9 months, still yields up bags full of fragrant leaves. 

Nice work Joslyn, Matt, Janice, Vivian, Diandra, Sandy, and shutterbug Anthony.

In the loss column: an unknown insect has stripped delicate pea shoots of their leaves, leaving short, brittle stems reaching out of the soil for .. for….. you tell me.


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