Cultivating Fine Dining Etiquette

In this occasion, we had the pleasure to attend a very interesting event. We as young professionals should be well rounded in all areas. The case being fine dining. We as professionals should and are expected to know how to handle a dining experience whether with colleges, co-workers, interviews or important networking events. In the workshop, we were introduced to the right manners and approaches to fine dining. From learning the way the dining table is set up to the proper way of holding the utensils. This way we would know what to expect and what we are expected to do.

Set Up

When we go out to dine we often go to places where we feel comfortable and are used to seeing. Since we are young adults about to enter our desired industry in the next couple of years. We have to be able to identify the components of a dining table. Starting with silverware , depending on the actual meals offered or chosen there will usually be a fork, a knife, a spoon (if soup served), a butter knife, and a butter,bread plate, water glass and if desired a wine glass. These are set up in a way that should remain throughout the night or event.

Preparing for the Meal

Throughout the meal is very important to remember that we are being watched and we need to impress either the host or invitees. It is important to remember not to take big bites of food in case there is a conversation going around the table, which will be. There is also no bread dipping under any circumstances since this is a very elegant dining experience. And how to handle salt and pepper and communal butter.

Appetizer Time

Once the meal is served we choose to use the utensils needed to eat the dish. Possibly there would be a soup so there is an elegant way of doing it without spilling the soup itself. This is on a motion from the body outwards to the center of the table, slowly dipping it on the soup and bringing it to the mouth. If the dish is an appetizer that is not so liquidy then we proceed to use the fork and the knife to cut and keep stance from the hand in which the knife is being held, having the other hand bring the food to the mouth with the fork of course. Once the meal is done utensils should be placed on the rim of the plate or in the case of the soup to the side of the plate or bowl. At this time, we had to choose from a potato puree and leek soup or cheese ravioli with tomato cream.

Entree Time

The main entree is set to be the most elaborate dish of the event so it should be handled gently and with the needed utensils as explained before, for and knife most likely. In this case, we had the pleasure to savor a choice of broiled salmon on a béarnaise sauce served with Yukon potatoes, sautéed zucchini or a mixed green salad with croutons and ranch dressing. They were beautifully presented with fantastic decorations. Not to mention they tasted great.

Wine Made from City Tech Students

This was an opportunity to try the wine made from our peers that have studied the way wine is made and they did an outstanding job at it. We as instructional porpuses had an ounce of wine to taste. This part of the dining was explained by our professor and host Prof. Karen Goodlad. She gladly explained how a wine selection, presentation, and tasting should be done by a host or a member of the table depending on the occasion.


This time of the meal is the most enjoyable because it is the sweet part of the meal. A donut with whipped cream and white chocolate sauce, of course, this is how it looked like, the official name was Savarin au Rhum. With the choice of tea or coffee. Once again using properly the utensils needed we proceeded to enjoy a delightful sweet desert.

Giving Thanks to Those Who Made this Happen

A special thanks to Prof. Karen Goodlad for a very informative dining experience. To professors Laura Yuen-Lau, Dr. Janet Liou-Mark coordinators of Honors Scholars Program. And to all students and professors in the kitchen and dining room who did all the work.

What were you favorite part of the event?
Would you act differently now that you know more?
Was there something you thought was ok to do but it is totally wrong?

feel free to comment and engage.

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