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Week 7 Vegan Ice creams, and cookies.

This week we learned how to make vegan ice creams, and cookies. These ice creams are just as delicious as dairy frozen custards, ice creams, and cookies. These ice creams and cookies have no dairy, eggs or any animal products. But still have that delicious creamy texture, and amazing flavor profiles.


This is a Mexican Chocolate Ice cream, this is a delicious creamy rich chocolate ice cream with a cayenne pepper and cinnamon twist to it, that gives it a little kick. We also have Oatmeal raisin cookies that have a nice chew and sweetness to them.

This ice cream is a spin on a classic vanilla ice cream. This is Vanilla ice cream with a Tofu Base. This ice cream is paired with a dark chocolate hazelnut cookie that is a rich crispy cookie.

Aloha! This Mango Pineapple Pina colada ice cream dish takes you back to a tropical island. This ice cream is flavor packed with mango, pineapples, coconut milk, and rum. Served with a refreshing Pinapple rum compote. Also for some crunch we have Lemon Rosemary cookies.

This is a spin on a classic Rum Raisin Ice cream, and Tuile cookie. This is a very rich and creamy ice cream with coconut milk base and raisins soaked in rum topped with toasted coconut on a bed of Bristy Brittles.

Cinnamon Freeze and Maple Pecan Sable Cookies. This Ice cream is so rich and creamy from arrowroot as a thickener base with cinnamon and Chinese five spice flavors. These crumbly cookies are a great side to this ice cream the maple and pecan taste great with the cinnamon ice cream.

Thank you to all who helped make this happen! I hoped that everyone enjoyed learning how to make vegan ice creams and cookies.