Week 5- Seitan

Introduction to Plant Based Proteins.

Thank you for everyone coming early and on time to class. As the chef, I went over the menu, the proteins of each item, and my article regarding Healthier Cereals Snare a Spot on New York School Menus.

First, we had a demo from Professor Hoffman on how to make the seitan dough. Then each group prepared their seitan, seitan wheatballs, and the swedish wheatball. While they all were simmering away in our broths, Professor Hoffman demo how to make tofu. Every group’s seitan turned out different either it was the color, shape or texture. The end product of the tofu was a little bitter and the color of the tofu was darker than the Mori Nu tofu we have used and seen.

Professor Hoffman reviewed next week’s menu and procedures.

Thank you for everyone’s hard work.


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