Intro to Chocolate – Chocolate Bark

As our first week working with chocolate, we all did a great job in making the class a success.

Professor Hoffman was giving us a demo on how to temper, and mold chocolate.

img_1839These beautiful dark chocolate fans were made by professor Hoffman for her demo.

img_1833This team was doing the dark chocolate ginger bark.

img_1834These awesome young ladies were tempering their chocolate to its proper temperature which in this case is 83 to 84 degrees since its white chocolate.

img_1835This was the milk chocolate chili with dried cherries bark. The flavors were very balanced and the chili gave it the best taste.

img_1836This was my favorite bark because the colors were very vibrant. This bark was white chocolate with dried cranberries and pistachios.

img_1837Lastly, my team was in charge of making chocolate bark with rice cereal,nuts, and dried fruits, very tasty!

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