Genre/Mapology Project

Final Draft Portfolio Project 1

   The genre I chose is a discourse community. I have a better understanding of this genre and I can relate it to a book that I read last year. The book is called “Drown” by Junot Diaz. In Diaz “Drown ” is broken down into a couple of short stories that focus on a Dominican boy named Yunior. Is about his past and experiences in his life. There is a lot of chapters that show a discourse community. I chose two short stories from the book “Ysrael” and “Drown.”

    In “Ysrael”, we see the Yunior past in the Dominican Republic. He becomes a victim, and we see that he also victimized someone, a boy named Ysrael. Yunior and his brother Rafa have a goal to see the face of a kid name” Ysrael”. They have heard stories about how Ysrael got his face chewed up by a pig as a baby. They go visit him to uncover the truth or to see how he looks. In the autobus, Rafa and Yunior get on and go over somewhere far away. A man next to Yunior violates him. He touches his private parts with his hands and all Yunior did was call him gay. He is not a tough man, just weaker than his brother Rafa. The case when we see him victimizing others was when he encounters Ysrael. At first, he throws a rock at him. Later, when they were talking with him about life, they jumped him and beat him up to see his face. They managed to see his face without the mask and know more about him. Domination fit or masculine display is a discourse. It is about being or showing your toughness to people. How men talk to men is not always in violence but a straightforward message to another. Letting them know that you are not to be messed with and to show respect. Men can communicate their masculinity with words and sometimes actions that women can’t understand. It can be a discourse community because you can act in this way in a field of work or a certain group with people are in like sports. “I’m a great wrestler, I almost went to fight in the capital. My brother laugh, swinging on the bottle. Do you want to try it pendejo? not right now. I didn’t think so.” When Ysrael tells about himself, Rafa knows that he isn’t all that tough. As a result, Rafa and Yunior were able to beat him up with actions.  Masculine actions can be having your chest up, eyes directly and a straight face to another person. Like a face-off in a boxing/fighting press conference. Being masculine or acting with authority is a discourse community in which people are always talking and showing that they are not afraid or insisting on their strength to another person’s eye.

   In the short story “Drown ”, Yunior cut ties with a friend name” Beto”. Their friendship ends with ingrained homophobia. Yunior has an encounter that his closest friend is gay. They were so close to each other. Watching TV and doing terrible things like shoplifting. Even Yunior’s mother considers Beto to be part of the family. Beto being gay destroyed their friendship. Only Beto and Yunior know the true reason for their departure as friends. If Yunior has told people or the public about Beto, his life will be ruined. The people closest to him will leave and reject him as well. Also, Yunior will look bad just by associating with him. I will say it was a good thing they went their separate ways and kept silent. Gay people suffer from discourse communities. They might be lucky by having people supporting them or also being with other gay people. The public will not all agree to be around them. There is an LGBT community for gay people where they can be safe and fight discrimination. I do not think there is a straight discourse community because is not as a problem as gay people. The modes of communication of gay people are not being scared of expressing themselves and fight as a group. In the present, we can see that LGBT or gays are more open in public and accepted by others than in the past. I feel that in the upcoming years common ground is possible because it’s bad to hate someone who they are and not everyone will be okay with them.

  In my personal life, it is different from Yunior’s relationship with his life. I don’t suffer like him such as not being a victim/abusing or having a difficult friendship. A discourse community I am part of is being part of a fast-food workplace. Only people in this work field know the hardships and the ways it is managed. This discourse community is divided into parts. Managers and assistance or shift leaders are the bosses of operations. I as the employer being told what to do. This job requires communication. Communication is the key to success by having the job done and keeping everyone happy. In my job, I work in the kitchen with two others. My favorite task to do will be the expediter. What I do is hand over food orders and make sure the order is correct for the customer to be satisfied. It’s important to communicate with my co-workers to know any kind of information and to let them know if there’s a problem. We also communicate outside of work. We use an app on the phone or group chat. Talking about how it went at the job and what we can do better. We mostly communicate in English or with some we can speak in Spanish. There’s a big difference between the community and relationships. In the family/friends, the relationship is way easy to communicate because you know the person more than anyone and know what to expect and see. The writer’s audience is the media or the public. These short stories apply to everyone, not one discourse community. You can compare and contrast with yourself or the world. The audience can respond with their views. For example, their family relationship and a discourse community of any sort.

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