We believe that an exchange program like this can teach young adults to appreciate the hard work of farm life, get a glimpse into a new artisan trade, learn about the importance of sustainability and being good neighbors, and incentivize apprentices to launch a business-like Anne’s.

An Apprentice will:

●      Pair with a participating farm or food business for a one month working apprenticeship.

●      Apprentices will participate in farming and production activities and will follow a curriculum that gives a general and overarching experience of the operation.

●      Participants will be housed, fed, and compensated for their time and travel.

Learn more about the ASLF Apprenticeship Program: here

The month I spent as an ASLF apprentice was one of the top five experiences in my professional and educational life. As I reflect back on the month, I just can’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to be able to really dive into working on a farm and making cheese. Being on the farm was a wonderful experience. Seeing the cows every morning and evening during milking time, watching them graze in the pastures. Feeding the pigs my food scraps and seeing them slurp up the whey that was leftover from our cheese makes. I woke up with the sun (or actually before it!) and went to bed with it, too. The rhythm of farm life is definitely different than my life in Brooklyn and I came to appreciate it.

– Hattie Hill, HMGT Student, ASLF Apprentice