The Persuader Video

Video: The Persuader

  • Section 1: A High Concept Campaign
  • Section 2: Emotional Branding
  • Section 3: The Times they are a changing
  • Section 4: The Science of Selling
  • Section 5: Giving us what you want
  • Section 6: The “Narrowcasting future”

Section A: The Science of Selling 

After watching the video above, find a commercial on the Internet and answer the following questions:

  • What is the selected commercial doing to try to reach the consumer?
  • Was it effective?  Why?
  • Give examples.

Section B: Company Slogan 

Research 1-2 company “slogans” and answer this question: What is the company trying to say to the consumer with their slogan?

Section C: Product Placement

Research product placement and show how it is used in: TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, the Internet, Sports, etc. 

Section D: Emotional Branding

Think back over the last few days. Consider where you went and what you did. Now, try to remember any advertisements you may have seen. These might be on typical settings, such as billboards or television, or ads online or in your e-mail inbox. They may also appear in less obvious places, such as logos on clothing or in the background of a movie.

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