Welcome to the HMGT 4702 OpenLab page! This course is taught by Dr. Heejun Ellen Kim in the Hospitality Management Department at New York City College of Technology. Please click HERE to learn more about my education and research interests.



Course Description: 

This course provides an overview of the relationship among the various components of the hospitality industry and the markets it serves. Study of the corporate mission, goals, vision statement, company history, customer perception, environment and social factors as influences on profitability; techniques for analyzing business, strategy formation and implementation.

Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of HMGT 4702, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the unique characteristics of service marketing.
  • Identify and describe various marketing strategies that are employed in today’s successful service enterprises.
  • Identify and analyze strategic elements of service marketing and their impact on revenue and profitability.
  • Analyze and explain current service marketing and management issues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of industry-specific key language and concepts.



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