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  Wine has been around humans from the moment homosapinas were able to ferment and realize the full potential of what small little grapes can do with a little bit of help.As the decades come about we see not only fine dining establishments accompany their exquisite food with wine , but also casual dining restaurants.One very known Michelin star location is the River Cafe where we have a sommelier who even teaches at Citytech. On the other hand we have Blue Ribbon as a casual restaurant.

  The River Cafe is located near the riverside of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is known for its wonderful view of the sky-liners, boats passing by and the sunset as the day goes on.Open in 1977, the elegant location with a strict dress code has lived up to its reputation of having a  Michelin star.The wine selection that they have is extensive and is quite renowned for having some of the most sought after wine around the world. Blue Ribbon has been open for over 26 years and allows their location to contribute with their aesthetics.If you were to Google Blue Ribbon you would see that they are known for being wide awake at 3am for a bite which helped its reputation. 

    The wine list is not as extensive as The River Cafe but does come with a nice list for people to choose from.Unlike the River Cafe that has a list that runs over 10 pages , Blue Ribbon has a nice little selection of 4 pages.Both of the wine lists tells the consumer the location where the wine was from, the year that it was created and what type of grape that was used. The River Cafe listing has a higher price range which as little as $25 but can go as high as 9,000.Comparing that  to Blue Ribbon which goes from $8 dollars for a glass up to $100 the price difference can speak up for the rarity or quality of the wine.Something else that I noticed was that they separated the type of wines that they have from white,red,spirit, and sparkling.These wine list makes sure to compliment what both restaurants seems to be mainly serving.This makes it easier for the guest to make a choice that accommodates what they are ordering to eat also. These restaurant have different standards but makes sure that they are equipped with wine that can help better their restaurant.


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  1. Lloynisha.White
    Prof. Dagorn

    When I think of wine, I don’t get excited anymore. Mainly because I can no longer consume the beverage. Prior to being diagnosed with a rare stomach condition known as Gastroparesis, I did consume alcohol. Lots of it. After the diagnosis, my body changed along with my diet. Prior to registering for this class, I wasn’t happy for obvious reasons and I was also worried about not enjoying the class as much as everyone else. To me, wine is what many adults call the “happy juice”. In New York City, you will find a wide range of fine dining restaurants accompanied by a wide range of wine. Both red and white wines. The price ranges also vary from low to high. I’m more than sure you won’t have a hard time finding a great tasting wine in New York City.

    The two wine lists I chose to compare are The River Cafe and Blue Ribbon. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to experience the wine at Blue Ribbon years ago and the taste was exquisite. During my visit, I had two different wines both were white wines. One glass was sparkling “Pierre GImonneT and FILS” and the other was “Riesling”. I didn’t know anything about wine prior to this class. As for The River Cafe, I planned on visiting the restaurant for my restaurant analysis, however, due to my dietary restrictions, I could not dine there.

    The River Cafe offers a great selection of wine. What I enjoyed most looking over the wine list were the options for glass, half bottle, and full bottle. The prices, in my opinion, are reasonable. I say that because after learning about the grape varieties and regions, I somewhat understand the uniqueness of the wine groups. Prices ranged from $16 to over $2,000 dollars. I would love to taste a top-notch wine in my next lifetime. From what I heard, the wine is delicious and worth the price. Some students that visited the restaurant for their analysis said they even got a “little tipsy” from the wine.

    Reading over Blue Ribbons wine selection, it is nowhere near comparable to the wine at The River Cafe. At Blue Ribbon, you have the option to “taste” the wine for a low price or you have the option to buy a glass of wine. The prices range from $13-$500. There’s a selection for sweet and fortified wines, wines group by region and valley.

    If I had to choose between both lists, I would go with Blue Ribbon. Not because I tasted the wine before but because of the selections. There’s not too many options compared to The River Cafe. Choosing a wine from The River Cafe, I would lose my marbles and it’s not because of the process. There are just too many wines for my brain and palate to process. Hopefully one day there will be a cure for my stomach condition and I would be able to enjoy several glasses of wine. Perferebbaly white wine. Prosecco to be exact.

  2. Hey Lloynisha,

    I felt that was one of The River Cafe weakness is the pricing of the wines which can be more expensive than usual. Also the extensive list of wine can be overwhelming to someone who may not be a wine connoisseur or study wine like us.

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