Retail Beverage Store Analysis

Valentina Liang

Professor Dragorn

New York City College of Technology

First of all, I will like to let everyone know that I am allergic to alcohol. I am really excited to write about the retail beverage store analysis. The liquor store that I have picked is called Cathedral Wine & Liquor. The reason why I have picked this liquor store is that is two blocks away from my house. I have been to this liquor store like 3 to 4 times to help my friends to buy some alcohol. The staff from this liquor store always have upside-down emotions. sometimes they are in a good mood and sometimes they have a terrible attitude. I always call a certain place before going to that place. So every time  I call their liquor store no one picks up my phone. Which makes me upset. This liquor store is a family business and is owned by  Hugues Asdrubal.

The first time when I went to this liquor store I was lost. As I remember before taking  W&B class I didn’t know anything about wine.  I remember when I was a little girl I thought that a bottle of wine is made by the day that is shown on the bottle. But actually that is not true. The first thing that I have learned in this class that the date that is shown on the bottle is the date that the grapes were picked. I think wine is really interesting as the entire process from picking up the grapes, Pressing the grapes, fermenting clarification, aging, and bottling. I really enjoy going to a liquor store after W&B class. Most of the time I will go on a Wednesday and buy some alcohol for my friends. I really enjoy cooking and I have friends that they really like drinking wine. So after W&B class I will go to the liquor store and buy the bottle of wine that I like the most after tasting them in class for my friends to pare with the food.

I did not have the chance to talk to the owner and the couple of times that I have been there was a lady who was really rude. I asked them if I can take a picture of the liquor or liquor store but I have been rejected. I couldn’t see any picture on yelp. The price of this liquor store is affordable. They have all kinds of wine, whiskey, Ron, champagne, sparkling wine. Most of the sparkling wine is a place on the fridge. Hopefully the next time I go to this liquor store I have the opportunity to talk to the boss and learn more about wine.

2 thoughts on “Retail Beverage Store Analysis

  1. Hi Valentina, yeah many wine stores aren’t very fond of people asking questions or taking pictures. It’s unfortunate because it gives them a bad reputation since people feel unwelcome

  2. Hello Valentina,
    I am sorry to hear that you are allergic to alcohol and had unpleasant experience in the wine retail store. I believe you will meet some profession and passionate employees in other retail stores. Keep our sprite up for study wine!

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