Retail store Analysis 

Dulce Solis

Professor Dragorn

New York City College of Technology 

       Typically 80-90% water, 10-15% alcohol, 0.5-0.75% acid, 2.9-3.9 pH levels and 15-38% sugar at harvest, all major components of wine. Typically many of us know of Rosè, but there are also red wines, white wines, and champagne. With some of the knowledge I acquired in class I decided to visit Benely Wine and Spirits although I wanted to go to Smith and Vine. But taking into consideration the severity of these days I took my safety first and went a block from my house. 

       From outside of the store you see two different sides, the left is hard liquor and the right is all wines. When you come in the atmosphere alone is very calming, no loud music and it’s very clean. The wine is placed on a wall that has lights and I must say it gives it the calming effect, plus the lights reflect off the bottles so it looks beautiful. There weren’t too many people inside and it’s spacious enough, unlike a liquor store there aren’t bullet proof walls where you talk to a person through.

       The three questions I had to ask were a bit hard to come up with considering I don’t really drink wine. But my first question I asked was “How do you come to recommending a wine?” He said that he asks his customer if the wine is just to sip on or for a meal, dry or sweet, if its their first time drinking wine ( they won’t know preferences), and price range. My second question was “Has the business been impacted by Covid-19?” He said yes but in a good way and bad way, the good way is that many more customers have been coming in to buy wine which increased sales. The bad way was because there could only be one person making sales and it gets hard when new wine shipments come in. 

       My last question was “ Do you think wine/liquor stores are essential right now” he said he wasn’t sure how to answer that because it’s not essential for him to be there since he could get sick attending customers but he still needs the job to pay his own bills. So there are pros and cons with how essential wine is at the moment. I think I picked the right wine store considering that I saw Smith and vines weren’t very welcoming. The store in general could be a bit more organized in the back but other than that it’s great and prices are decent. 


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