Retail Wine Shop- Wines of California

Retail Wine Shop- Wines of California


I was on trip for work and as I was trying to hit all the big tourist areas I landed upon the Fisherman’s Wharf. In this area there were several wine shops to choose from. The one that got my attention was the Wines of California.

The decoration was very minimal. I don’t believe they needed marking as much because of their location. They were in the middle of a highly populated area. Besides being located by the ocean, this area is also mostly visited by tourists. They were also one of the wine shops that had specials on wine tasting.


Like most shops, there weren’t many employees in the store but they did have one employee just greeting in the front. The store layout was set up for even someone that doesn’t really know about wines to find a great red or white bottle of wine that they think they might be looking for. The layout was marketed mostly to their ‘California Wines’ from Napa and Sonoma.


If I wasn’t as knowledgeable about the wine bottle information I would’ve been happy with drinking wine from ‘Sonoma County’, as labeled in one of the bottles of Chardonnay that I saw in store. What they had out of glass was their white wines so pinot noir, Chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. They did have red wines on the back side of the shop. What they also had was reserved wine but those were behind glass. What I learned about reserved wine was that those were the best of the best. To be more specific, the reserved wine is the wine from the top vineyards, from best vines, from the best grapes, from the most expensive barrel they own. What also makes it a reserve was the fact that the employees nourished the wine and kept it in the barrel longer. Several testers also come in to play when deciding what wine has the most of what they want to give. It could be more tannins or age (it just depends on the vineyard).

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There was a huge list of wines that you could taste. They sorted everything by White and red wines. (White wines being more affordable) There was a separate tasting room for all who were willing to send a few hours tasting. At the time I visited the shop was packed so I was moved along to the back to see what else they had. I realized that this particular shop they were looking for an older crowd to lavish in the wines.

While walking around in the shop I realized I would’ve been uncomfortable if not for taking this extensive wine class. I appreciated the labels a lot more as I picked out their vintage wines and looked at the prices. Going through the bottles of wine in class I was able to sort through the vast collection of California wines to find which one was the best for me. I loved the descriptions that they had under the bottles. I reminded me of the tastings we’ve gone through in class. My favorite description was ‘This Moscato is the closest thing to summer that you can capture in a bottle! It has refreshing flavors of peach, tangerine, melon, and honeysuckle’. It intrigued me to look at the wine. Obviously I wasn’t able to purchase but when I’m of age I would definitely come back to sit for some tastings.

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  1. Know what you do now about wine will make you a much better wine professional and consumer one you do turn 21, you have this advantage over your peers!

    Thank you for sharing your experience in California. I wonder, would a wine shop in New York flourish if it sold only California wines? What do you think?

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