Retail Beverage Shop Analysis Week7

First thing I did was call the Wine store to make sure I am able to take photos as well as ask employees several questions. The women who answered the phone was very polite and very inviting when I told her I was visiting. As I got to the wine shop, which was about a 10-15 minute walk from City Tech, it was very modern and had a variety of wines showcased inside the windows. It was an extremely cold day I was very excited to go in. When I went in, I noticed the cheap wines that were on promotion by the front near the registers. Also they organized their wines by country and had several tastings.
As you can see, the owners have organized this section of wine from Italy. They also separate the shelves by whites and reds. The day we went this particular shelf was very limited and the woman on the phone told me that Fridays was their busiest days and it was true. It wasn’t crowded but it has a flow of people buying and trying wine.
they also had a little section for small bottles which doesn’t mean they were cheaper but they were just less quantity. it displayed a variety of wines from different countries and styles like red/whites and sparkling.
in this photo you see a variety of champagnes. I was pretty shocked to see some of their prices. some ranged around 15 to 20 dollars and I some others from around 70-100 dollars and I questioned myself why are those way more then these.
I asked a woman in the store several questions and she was able to happily answer them confidently. One question I asked her was, what is the most popular wine sold in your store. she answered Italian because the  owners  were Italian and really promoted it and sold it. I also asked, how much is the consumer paying typically for a bottle of wine, and she answered 15-20 dollars which I believe is fair. its not to expensive yet not cheap where you’re getting a bad quality wine. they also keep all there wines in room temperature which is about 68 degrees but for their more expensive wines they keep in the basement at about 50/55 degrees. Lastly I asked her which wine is popular sold in each country.
Italian: Chianti
Spanish: Rioja
French: Cotes Du Rhone
New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc
Australia: Shiraz

3 thoughts on “Retail Beverage Shop Analysis Week7

  1. Hi Justin! I see that the wine store is spacious, but were there any refrigerated Champagne bottles for buyers who wanted something for the last moment ?

    • I went to Heights Chateau as well and I believe I did see a small refrigerator with bottles of champagne inside, but don’t quote me on that. This place was a little overwhelming for me so my memory is hazy.

  2. Champagne is a popular style of wine and does range in price greatly. Because of the price people seek alternatives and found that other sparkling wines are not only less expensive but provide a different taste profile as well. I hope you get to taste so champagne and sparkling wine soon (you will in class).

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