Comparing the two graphs.Percentage Growth of table wine consumption.(Percentage gain/loss by year to Total table wine consumption

The reason why  I chose these two graphs percentage growth of table wine consumption and total table wine consumption.  I want to compare what made the market go up 1993-2012.  When I did some research on wine  I read that it has been 19 years of consecutive growth of wine consumption in the U.S since 2012.  Even though we as a country we went through two recessions the market continue to grow. In 2012 360 million cases of wine continue to rise.” Wine sales in the U.S and foreign countries increased 2% from the previous year bringing the retail value $34.6 billion according to wine industry consultant Jon Fredrikson”. Of the total almost two-thirds of California wine shipments to all markets in the U.S and abroad reached 250.2 million cases”.  The U.S. is the largest wine market in the world with volume Growth”, said Wine Institute President and CEO Robert P Koch. ” Competition for retail shelf space and consumer attention is intense, so California’s high quality, record wine grape harvest in 2012 could not have come at a better time”