Coffee, Per Eater

So this is beverage course, share what you like about coffee. Here is a recent post by EATer on NYC coffee. My favorite, Brooklyn Roasting Company (just down the street at 25 Jay Street), is not on the list but I still respect what they wrote about: Best Cafe Coffee

What is your favorite coffee shop? Is it on the list?

Let me know of you try any of the shops on here.


11 thoughts on “Coffee, Per Eater

  1. I managed a coffee shop in the West Village named O Cafe, where we brewed mostly Brazilian beans. We also had single origin beans from other Countries for our manual brews. I learned so much about coffee while working there and learned to appreciate the work that went into producing a great cup of coffee. Coffee is a lot like wine. There are many different regions around the world where coffee is grown and coffee from each region can have a distinct flavor.

    I’ve gone to a few of the coffee shops that were listed. My current favorite is a small French bakery named La Tropezienne Bakery. It’s in East Harlem by my apartment and has only been open for a few months. They get their coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee and make a really good Americano. I like to drink hot coffee without any milk or sugar. The owner also makes excellent macaroons, rose petal is my favorite.


  2. I have gone to a few coffee shop on the list as well. I do not have a favorite coffee shop but I like the hot latte and the ginger molasses cookies in Blue Bottle Coffee, and the flat white in Toby’s Estate Coffee. Hi-Collar is also a great coffee place if I want to pair my coffee with some great dessert.


  3. I love coffee grew up on the stuff. My favorite coffee is Blue Mountain Peak its flavor is complex and bold it is traditionally had in Jamaica with sweetened condensed milk. Don’t knock it till you try it. Yum Yum!!!
    Oneaka Traub

  4. I love eagle brand condensed milk in my coffee and tea . I have keruig coffee machine with a reusable piece. I purchase different gormet brands of coffees from Home Good store TJMAXX, Marshall and Burlington Coat factory.

  5. Arabica coffee or “mountain coffee” is my favorite. I’m an espresso lover so this strong coffee is what I enjoy. It’s a little sweet and soft at the same time. It is not bitter at all!! The Brooklyn Roasting is also very smooth, strong & fresh.

  6. I am a regular coffee drinker but unfortunately i havent been to any of the 21 coffee shop which were listed. I work in upperwest side in Manhattan in a japanese restaurant for about few month. Everytime i go to work i get a starbuck’s pike. Few month ago i explored another coffee shop called Irving Farm Coffee Roasters which is close to my workplace. They hav great coffee. Their cappucino is great. They themsleved roast their cofee. Once i tried their chai but it doesnt taste as good as coffee. These days this place has been my favourite coffee shop.

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