Graph Analyze – Kayla Prensa

The two graphs i chose was the one that speaks on U.S. Wine Drinkers Among All U.S. Adults (2014) and the graph that speaks on The Wines we Drank in 2011 from this weeks powerpoint. On the first graph what caught my eyes and i couldn’t believe was the percentage of people that are high frequency wine drinkers. I thought that the percentage would of been a lot lower because of the fact that there’s a lot of people who prefer hard alcohol then just wine. Something else that caught my eye was the percentage of people that don’t drink any wine or alcohol which is 35%. The 35% blew my mind away because I thought that a huge amount of people drink wine after a long day of work or even just to be relaxed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but then that helps me understand the percentage of people who are occasional wine drinkers which is 29% of adults in 2014.

Although I don’t know much about wine. I have a sister who enjoys he wines on occasions so some of the names of the wines come natural to me. On the graph that speaks on The Wine We Drank in 2011, it didn’t shock me to see that 28% of market share by sales was Chardonnay because Chardonnay in my opinion has a light fruity taste to it and it goes down smoothly as well.

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