Graph Analysis

The two graphs analyzed were: “Core Weekly/Monthly purchases by Price Category, 2012” and “Past Year Direct Wine Purchases, 2010”. The first graph shows us the percentages of purchases in different price categories. The first category shows that 26% of core buyers pay $5 and less for their wine. The two most common categories were: 46% of core buyers spent $5 – $9.99 and 48% of core buyers spent $10 – $14.99. The percentages went down from there as prices went up to $50+ with 9% of core buyers in that category. This information shows us the trend of money spent on wine is usually in the $5 – $14.99 range.

The second graph “Past Year Direct Wine Purchases, 2010”, compares the purchases of wine at a winery with purchases of wine at a winery website. This shows us that 37% of core buyers and 18% of marginal buyers purchased wine at a winery. It also shows that 14% of core buyers and 5% of marginal buyers purchased their wine at a winery website. This indicated that core buyers and marginal buyers mainly purchase their wine at a winery compared to a winery website.

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