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Heights Chateu Fine Wines & Spirits located on 123 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201 has been in business for 35 years. I interviewed Rebecca and she was more than glad to answer some of the questions I had. Before I part taken my interview- the exterior design of the store looked ancient and looked as if it has been around for awhile- It has a very traditional style as a first impression and I automatically felt like I had already gain the trust and confidence of leaving this store with good wine.

Rebecca developed her wine knowledge as a sommelier. She sold wine for living and therefore knew an immense amount of information about wine. With so much information about wine, where and how do I look for a particular wine? I asked her about how is wine organized in the store. Of course, Red wine and white wines are organized separately by subregions especially for Europe. Wine is also organized by the New World and Old World. New world wine is organized by grape variety, and that old world wine is organized or divided by region/appellations.

I went on and asked about what is different about their wine store compared to other wine stores. Most importantly, she emphasized the importance of cellar space. Heights Chateu has a big cellar and small cellar for wine storage that most wine stores may not have to an advantage. Most of the expensive wines are stored in these cellars and it is very rare that customers enter the premises of these cellars. Rebecca pulls out a wine directory book and showed me the different types of wines stored in these cellars. Most of them cost more than my bank account and that the most expensive wine they currently have in stock is the Burgundy red wine from Romanee County- cost $2000. Customers often times buy this wine around Christmas time. What exactly do you eat a long with this wine? She joked and went on about eating pizza, but after all it really depends on what they customer is in the mood for. More often times people just sip on it and just cherish the expensive wine taste.

Overall- the experience interviewing Rebecca was a memorable because I have never interviewed anyone about wine and at least have some knowledge of what I am asking about because I have studied wine this semester.


Shelf Talker-  Retail for $20 and is a Nebbiolo Grape Variety from the Langhe Region from Italy.


Red Wine from Rioja Region of Spain. Grape variety is Marizuelo retail for $40.


Sparkling wine from  Spain a Pinot Noir grape variety grown in Juve & Camps Estate. Retail for $17.

I had no idea that Wine is also made in Michigan. When asked about a wine that I might not know, she sped up her walking and lead me to this wine. Made by a Blaufrankisch Grape Variety from Eden Hill Vines.

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