Valor Teytelman- Retail Assignment- Astor Wine and spirits

retail wine

"Shelf Talker"

This red wine from Spain has notes of Hibiscus, mint, cardamom, thyme and juicy red fruit. Apparently, Riojas are usually aged for 20 years after purchase in a humidifier but the staff seems to think this version fresh out the store is better.


This sparkling wine is actually an American wine, produced by french transplants in New Mexico. The wine sales associate at Astor wines told me it was his favorite of the sparkling variety. It is 75% Chardonnay and 25% pinot noir, with refreshing notes of grapefruit, green apple and lime zest.


A red wine from a region I did not know made wine was from Bosnia. Actually, Herzegovina, which is home to many gypsies and beautiful musicians. Plava Greda, by Brkic winery is made from Blatina Grapes, it is a savory wine that complements soy sauce and mushrooms.

shelf talker

The shelf talker is called “No Sapiens” and was a staff pick from an also strange geographical location from wine, Mexico. It is a medium-bodied red whose producers, Bichi, are unsure of what grape is being used. They assume it is Dolcetto but cannot seem to figure it out.