Retail wine shop

For this report I visited the Ocean Wine & Liquor shop located in the heart of Chinatown. The wine shop was fairly new and they were first open in 2015 and their main goal is trying to promote different of wine to the chinese community. The is very convenient  right off the D and B train and also surrounded by a lot of great restaurants. Upon my arrival to the wine shop I first notice the different section of wine and spirits. Each section was label and place by their regions, for example there was a section for korean liquor and wine. What you’ll find there is the soju liquor and makgeolli ( korean rice wine). Which was very convenient if you knew exactly what you are looking for. In the wine shop I was able to ask a couple of questions to the owner of the place because he was actually stocking up his shelf. My first question was what was his most sold item in the store? He mentions a lot of spirits was where the people mainly headed but  in terms of wine a lot people like sweeter wine like rose and moscato. After that my second question was when purchasing cases of wine which region were mainly pick and why. He mentioned he would also have these two regions of wine and it was France and California. He explained many people seek for french wine because they think are the classic wine and a familiar taste. But for California it was more on the business side where purchasing from region outside of the USA may sometimes be a hassle. But now realizing the market has changed and people are demanding more different types of wine and he startled seeking different type of wine or alcoholic drink that consumers are liking at the moment. He also mentioned there is a struggle of  have a wine shop in the middle of chinatown trying to introduce a new type of wine and or evening just different regions of wines in the current location because the consumer that are surrounding them or their target market are not just consuming wine but a lot of different alcoholic beverages. So their main focus are really trying to provide the needs of the new consumer trends and keeping up with the trends as much as possible.            

Red Hook Winery


As a student stepping into the world of wine sometime is very confusing and many time lost in the topic itself. From the beginning where the grapes are grown to the finishing process of selling and tasting the wine there so many to learn and the best way to get exposed to these knowledge is actually going to the vineyards and wine shops that produce their own wine from the beginning to the end. For this project I went to the Red Hook Winery located in brooklyn, when reaching the location I realize it pretty close to the river and I wonder if the temperature would affect the wine that are aging? When I got there the staff was very friendly and they were gladly to take me for a mini tour around the facilities. The person who walk me around was Matt, during the mini tour I ask a couple of questions regarding the process of making the wine and other questions. Matt first answered the grapes are grown in New York ann was shipped in to the facilities. Then the grapes get crushed and place into the huge stainless machines that begins the process.  After 10 mins of discussing the process we then move on to the aging cell of there are rows of wine in wooden barrels you will notice the barrels has been used for a long time due to the outer part has a strong aroma of wine stepping out. He explain most of the wine from winery has been age the range goes from 6 months to 3 yrs but average then tend to age the wine for 2 yrs. He also mention the middle ground degree for aging is 55 degrees but to the location it tend to drop a lot that make the wine too cold. So have the obstacle they tend to check the cellar temperature to make sure it never too hot or too cold. In average Red Hook winery tend to sell 1500 cases of wine every year and their main white is sauvignon blanc and main red is merlot, but in the winery they mainly do all the big six grapes and they also do mix wine. Matt also mention in mixing wine they have two types: the first type is mixing 2 different wines that are completely fermented and already to bottle, In which case the flavor profile is more predictable. The second way is mixing the grapes even before the process of crushing the grapes that causes an unpredictable flavor towards the wine. After the mini toward Matt was very kind and offer me to taste a couple of wines.  I tasted 3 style of Chardonnay and 1 wine called small things which was a riesling blend each done by different wine maker but using the same grape and with the wine he also serve some pita chips . For the first time, I didn’t think wine was as bad as the time I was trying in class. He explained it most likely the taste of the wine to me has to pair with something to mellow out the flavors but enhance the notes in the wine, but he also mention truly when you taste wine it you and your tastebuds no one can tell you your answer is wrong unless it completely wild out of the characteristics of the wine . While trying the different type of wine and the difference between the winemaker does taste different even though it was from the same batch of grapes. The three wines I tasted was made by Abe Schoener, Robert Foley (Bob), and Christopher Nicolson. Each Chardonnay was definitely different from each other due to the different process and method making the wine. For example Abe schoener’s Chardonnay was a lot more in depth with the color of the wine but flavor was quite mellow compared to Christoper Nicolson which was lighter in color but pact flavor and very refreshing, But Robert foley was by far the more surprising one due to the aroma of the wine, when we first try the wine it was on butter side and when it hit the palate there was a lot of caramel and butter flavor to it. All three wine was from the same batch of grape but different method and process create different styles of wine and each unique to itself. 

This trip gave me a much deeper understanding of what the process of getting the wine from the grape vine to the wine bottle itself. It was an eye opening experience for me and I hope to be more open minded to different of wine.