DM’s visit to Kings County Distillery

I know you all maybe be tired of reading about the Kings County Distillery, but I too went here. I would constantly pass this mini brick building that looked like a house hut had a gorgeous outdoor space, everyday and always wondered what it was. When Prof. Goodlad had told Victor and I about this distillery and we went to search the address, I was shocked to see I knew where it was!

We walked into the “house” which is where the bar is. As soon as we entered we were asked if we were there for a drink or just a tour, we replied with tour and waited for the guide to appear. Once he did, we stepped out of the bar setting and walked past the guards and into the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This is where the distillery is. We were brought upstairs to speak about how long the distillery had been around and what the building used to be (a bank.) Then we went downstairs to where the entire process happens from the malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation. We smelled the corn and grain they use which they get from local farms and he also suggested us to smell a blue liquid that has what they don’t want in the whisky but from a distance because if you smelled too closely you wouldn’t have scent for a few minutes afterwards. We were on the tour with many fans of distilled beverages, those who had gone to Kentucky & Tennessee so they asked many questions which helped me focus more. There were even some people from Iceland who owned their own distillery over there.

After the process, we went upstairs to tasted several whiskys. I wasn’t a fan of any of them except for the chocolate and the spiced one because I pictured it in some pumpkin cupcakes or a chocolate pie. The tour guide even mentioned that his grandma adds some in her chocolate cake. He also taught us a special way to get the flavor of the whisky so it doesn’t taste so much like rubbing alcohol. He suggested taking a small sip and leaving it at the tip of your tongue then swallowing. He said if you swallowed quickly, the back taste buds are what makes you get that taste you don’t like. Victor and I then took some photos and took post cards. In the shop they have candles, whisky lip balm, t-shirts and gift sets. Overall it was a great experience and it definitely made me more interested to learn more, but not taste! Attached are my images on an online album.

Dipsy M’s visit to Astor Wines and Spirits

For my retail wine shop I decided to go to Astor Wines and Spirits. After finding the most perfect parking right across the street, my friend and I saw how grand the wine and spirits shop looked and were super excited to go in. At the window they had several wine bottles on a table that had been covered in Christmas decor. The shop was kind of crowded and there were workers all around who were either restocking, behind the counter on the phone or handing out tastings which were from 6-8pm. As soon as I entered a sign caught my attention speaking about dessert wines and when they do tasting for them as well as classes on how to pair so I took a calendar. Right next to that was a red wine from Spain which was required so I took a picture of both that and their shelf talkers. Each of their wines had a shelf talker underneath which explained what region and country it’s from as well as flavors and if it’s dry or not. It had been hard for me to find a wine that’s from a region I didn’t know that produced but I chose a white wine from Austria. I chose this wine because of the cute floral label. The wine shop overall was large and had a wide variety from Spain, Italy, France and then specified sections for example Bordeaux and Rhone Valley. What really interested my friend and I were the stands for gins, liqueurs, bourbon, whiskey and sake. There was also a cool room where they kept wines that needed to be chilled and they made sure to make a note that said “come in!” in cause people weren’t sure if they could or not. My friend who joined me loves wine but after visiting the shop she had many questions and I was happy I could help her understand the process and different kinds of grape varieties.

I reached the 500 MB of space so attached are my images in an online photo album. Images may not be in order.

  1. Dessert wine info barrels
  2. Pricey whisky!!
  3. Red from Spain with shelf talker
  4. Pricey Whisky!
  5. Sparkling from Italy
  6. White from Austria
  7. Cold room and tasting table
  8. Alexa and I