Chris Retail Wine Shop

The wine shop I decided to visit was on located on 87th st and Northern Blvd in Queens NY, the shop is called Addictive Boutique Winery. They have been opened since 2013 and what is pretty cool about this specific spot is they own a wine and tapas place right across the street from the shop. I have personally been to this retail shop before during the semester to purchase wines for an event and the lady was very helpful and giving me a lot of advice on what is best to choose the day of. That is what made me want to come back because I believed I could get some in-depth information on the set up of the shop and ask about distributors, but did not get much.

When I arrived to the door it was locked I had made sure to check the times online so I wouldn’t waste time, but a note was left saying “call I am here”. I called and the lady ran from the back to get the door, I introduced myself and told her I was in the hospitality major and am taking a wine class and was doing a project on retail shops I was hoping she would be interested in helping but just put her arm out and sat at the register. The place inside is very rustic like all wooden interior. As I started walking around I was trying to see if the way the wines were displayed, each section had a country and the bottles laying down. They don’t have wine notes which I wish they had but thats why we study wine. They have a huge collection of Spain wines and sparkling wines that over populated the rest of the shop. Could be because of the restaurant in front since its tapas customers prefer that Country slipped my mind. When I did have a question she would get up and explain or point me out a different wine and explain a bit which I did appreciate.

One of the questions I did ask since they dont have wine notes are how do they decide what to display? she told me the owner display all new bottles at the top and go down, one because its at eye view and two they will ask questions about it since its new which made sense because you want tot sell new products quick because the consumer wants to go back to what they normally drink, so they have a challenge to sell them something they may enjoy.

I got to see a lot in this place a lot of new names how they display there selections I wish they could somehow split it up into clear sections so one side USA, the next South America etc to really get clearity spacing my be in issue but it could confuse the consumer. As my trip concluded I felt like I could not leave without purchasing a bottle for myself. I picked up a bottle of Chenin Blanc + Viognier a white Blend from California 2018 From Vineyard Pineyards. Overall a little disappointed with my visit but they do free tastings very Friday night so I’m hoping to stop one night to see how that goes! As well as trying the tapas restaurant which I recommend all to visit since they are well rounded in the topics of wine!

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