Dipsy M’s visit to Astor Wines and Spirits

For my retail wine shop I decided to go to Astor Wines and Spirits. After finding the most perfect parking right across the street, my friend and I saw how grand the wine and spirits shop looked and were super excited to go in. At the window they had several wine bottles on a table that had been covered in Christmas decor. The shop was kind of crowded and there were workers all around who were either restocking, behind the counter on the phone or handing out tastings which were from 6-8pm. As soon as I entered a sign caught my attention speaking about dessert wines and when they do tasting for them as well as classes on how to pair so I took a calendar. Right next to that was a red wine from Spain which was required so I took a picture of both that and their shelf talkers. Each of their wines had a shelf talker underneath which explained what region and country it’s from as well as flavors and if it’s dry or not. It had been hard for me to find a wine that’s from a region I didn’t know that produced but I chose a white wine from Austria. I chose this wine because of the cute floral label. The wine shop overall was large and had a wide variety from Spain, Italy, France and then specified sections for example Bordeaux and Rhone Valley. What really interested my friend and I were the stands for gins, liqueurs, bourbon, whiskey and sake. There was also a cool room where they kept wines that needed to be chilled and they made sure to make a note that said “come in!” in cause people weren’t sure if they could or not. My friend who joined me loves wine but after visiting the shop she had many questions and I was happy I could help her understand the process and different kinds of grape varieties.

I reached the 500 MB of space so attached are my images in an online photo album. Images may not be in order.


  1. Dessert wine info barrels
  2. Pricey whisky!!
  3. Red from Spain with shelf talker
  4. Pricey Whisky!
  5. Sparkling from Italy
  6. White from Austria
  7. Cold room and tasting table
  8. Alexa and I

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