Retail Shop Visit: Quality House Wines & Spirits by Andre Goines

The Retail shop that I visited was the “Quality House Wines & Spirits” shop which is located at 2 Park Ave in Midtown Manhattan; This establishment has been selling wines to the public for over 80 years starting in 1934.

Upon my arrival I immediately noticed that they had a “featured wines” display rack for wines that were popular at the time and or sold way more appose to the others; the display rack was divided into rows by countries that the wines originated and segmented from top to bottom based on popularity. for example French and Italian wines are more popular so they were at the first row, the middle rows was Spanish wines, and last two rows were new world wines.

To the right side of the shop closest to the entrance was the racks for sparkling wines which was finite compared to rest of the catalogues of wines on the taller racks in the rear of the shop passed the display rack. on the left side of the shop closest to the entrance was a clerks desk where you made your purchase if you were to buy a bottle.

I was then greeted by the clerk when I approached the desk; then I introduced myself and requested a tour after explaining my objective. as I was guided through the shop I expressed my observations to the clerk while he explained to me the origins of the shop. He also gave me recommended  selection list of wines that other consumers enjoyed as I explained to him my wine preferences. The last thing that stood out to me the most was the overall cleanliness of the shop and how well maintained to wines looked on the racks for a over 80 year old shop; from the renovations and the attention to detailed by the employees you wouldn’t think that this shop isn’t new. Overall I enjoyed my visit as I was treated very nicely by the clerk and the other employees; before I exited I requested a business card and was informed that they didn’t have any at the moment and referred me to their website if I had any more questions.

Quality House Retail Shop

established 1934

Best Selling Italian White Wine of the shop

Best selling Italian White Wine of the shop
Italian Pinot Grigio
Lighter, Easy Drinking, not complex.
is Most Selling Italian White Wine

French Sauvignon Blanc

One Best Selling French White Wine of the shop
Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp tasting and less toasty than Chardonnay with a even smoother taste

American Pinot Nior

Best Selling American Produced wine of the shop
Pinot Nior
fruity flavors, medium acidity, low to medium tanning,

Malbec Wine From Argentina

Malbec Wine from Argentina made from sangiovese grapes
Very Popular among consumers
full body flavor with high volume of tanning
Most requested red wine after Pinot Nior



5 thoughts on “Retail Shop Visit: Quality House Wines & Spirits by Andre Goines

  1. Andre,
    Its so interesting that you mentioned the cleanliness of the store because honestly, that isn’t something that I would think of when it comes to retail stores. Usually I would only think of cleanliness when it came to places I was going to eat. I almost wonder if having a dusty wine shop adds to a certain aesthetic of old mature wines. Either way, nice food for thought! I will be checking how clean a wineshop is next time I visit!

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