Memo 4

New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lefler Dining Room


To: Professor Rosa Abreu, Director of Service

From: Bingzhao Shi, Student

Date: 9/19/19

RE: New York Times Restaurant Review week 4

For this week’s restaurant review it’s about bouquet dim sum restaurant called Hutong, first Pete point it out that this place Is not dim sum place we used to go to where they give you a stamp card to get punched every time we get something. Hutong offers smaller portion than usual dim sum restaurants. He was surprised about the skills that the chefs are capable of in the kitchen, he praises how precise the cuts are. He also talks about the unique of the restaurant that while New York City are packed of French restaurants, so when you can have an option of Chinese cuisine for dinner, that would be eye attracting. Hutong now opens couple different locations around the world. While the chef in China and Hong Kong get paid much more, than other places in the world. Hutong is a northern Chinese restaurant, while lamb is a very often main ingredients you will see on any northern restaurant’s menu.

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