service analysis part one

The three restaurants that take my interest are Le Bernardin, Manhatta, and the Gotham Bar and Grill. These restaurants have many reviews with different menu styles that are curious to experiment with food. 

Le Bernardin was opened in 1986 by owner duo siblings Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze born in paris. Although Gilbert fell ill suffering a heart attack in 1994 and passed away so his sister was left alone to manage the restaurant. Some time later she began working with chef Eric Ripert who followed gilbert’s teachings and was a close friend to him took command of the kitchen to continue giving guests the freshest seafood. This restaurant is located in Manhattan on 155 W 51st New York and its cuisine is a french seafood type such as caviar, salmon, and lobster. According to a New York Times article Le Bernardin Rises to the Top of a Global list “New York Times restaurant critic,gave the Le Bernardin four stars, The Times’s highest rating, when it was last reviewed, in 2012” (Florence, 2018). The owner Maguy and head chef Eric revealed the next phase to the restaurant’s history design and in doing so the restaurant became modern age looks to their guests. Sometime later in 2012 Le Bernardin had been given a James Beard award for a great design which is a great accomplishment since most redesigns are not up to the guests liking. Furthermore along with this award was the Outstanding Restaurateur award the following year for Maguy Le Coze and she was the first person to have been chosen for this category which proves her work as a manager and owner of a restaurant. The hours of this restaurant are from 12 to 2:30pm and 5:15 to 10:30pm mostly monday through friday while on saturday 5:15 to 11pm and sunday closed. This is truly a restaurant of high grade to dine in.

In 1984 the Gotham Bar & Grill opened up and is owned by Alfred who was also the head chef at the restaurant but later left the task to Victoria Blamey as the chef. The restaurant is located at 12east 12st Greenwich Village Manhattan and is a New American Cuisine such as grilled rack of lamb, Lobster, and risotto. The hours of service are Monday through Friday 12 to 10:30pm and Saturday through Sunday from 5 to 10:30pm mostly. According to a New York times article “Five-and-a-half-year-old Gotham Bar and Grill remains one of the most dynamic restaurants downtown” (Bryan Miller 1989). The restaurant has been 6 times in the 27 years it has been open which accumulated to a total of 15 stars for all the reviews. Of course since there was a change in chef the menu changed too but not in the bad way that customers who usually go here no longer do her menu is delicious too. This restaurant will continue to provide good service and great food to their customers despite changes which proves Chef Victoria will continue the great work of her predecessor. 

At July 2018 Manhatta opened up by Danny Myer’s Union Hospitality Group with a sky view looking down to earth. This restaurant is large enough to hold events often with the main staff members being Emily Laruffa general manager of restaurant and events, Jason Pfeifer executive chef, Jorge Pabob chef de cuisine, Emma Alden pastry chef, and Matt Whitney as the beverage director. The restaurant is located on 28 liberty St 60 floor manhattan and have a reservation for sunday March 15 at 1pm I will be going with Sumen, and Alejandro. They are open from monday to sunday at 11:30am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm mostly and is a cuisine of New American. I took an interest in this restaurant since it has a view of the city and I like to eat while seeing the outside. Also since the food sounds delightful to eat such as Four Story hill farm chicken and Crescent Farm Duck. According to an article review “The price is right here too, For restaurants at altitude, Manhatta might be the city’s best deal” (Ryan Sutton 2018). So another reason to visit this restaurant is the price is fair compared to Le Bernadin making it affordable. According to one Yelp review “Even with the gorgeous decor, astonishingly well-priced yet extraordinary prix fixe menu Even with all that…the thing that wowed us most was the warmth of the hospitality. It’s clear that the team that runs this jewel of a restaurant is so clearly proud to be a part of it and determined to make every guest feel At home.” (Karen M. 2020). With great service like that it’s not surprising that mostly all the reviews have given the restaurant between four to five stars of rating. I am positive my dining experience at this restaurant will be most exciting and a day to remember.


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