Pete Wells memo

New York City College of Technology 

Department of Hospitality Management 

Janet Lefler Dining Room




To: Professor Aberu, Director of Service

From: J.N. 

Date: 3/3/2020


RE: Pete Wells Memo


The Bangkok kitchen in queens is different from other chinese restaurants in manhattan that will leave a different opinion for people who go to manhattan. This restaurant has a dance floor that would lead everyone into dips and swirls along with the food. 

The sausage of the thai restaurant was skinny, pink, and salty almost the same as a hot dog. Pete wells tells us that the sausage salad is compelling along with the fresh red and green chiles. The restaurant’s menu looks so familiar to pete wells because the chef makes bangkok dishes since her mother cooked for the royal thai navy. He even tells how the clay-pots noodles, full of pepper and ginger, is a fresh dish that is called it a millionaire sauce.


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