Course Materials

Week #1: Introduction to Restaurant Service 

  1. Anderson, W. & Westcott, M. (Eds.). (2020). Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in B.C. – 2nd Edition. Victoria, B.C.: BC campus. Retrieved from Chapters 4 & 6
  2. French service
  3. Russian service
  4. Napkin folds video
  5. How to use spoon and fork to serve food

Week# 2 Sanitation

  1. Park, Haeik and Almanza, Barbara (2015) “Consumers’ Reactions to Sanitation in Casual Dining, Quick-Service, and Fine Dining Restaurants,” Hospitality Review: Vol. 31: Iss. 4, Article 10. Available at:
  2. New York Health Department Restaurant Rating Map

Week #3 Impact of Restaurant Critic/Dinner Table Setup/Coffee Service

  1. Heiman, Rob L. (1997) “The Impact of the Restaurant Critic,” Hospitality Review: Vol. 15 : Iss. 2 , Article 10. Available at:
  2. How to carry a tray
  3. Correct way to lay a dinner table
  4. Ristretto/Coffee Cart

Week# 4 Wine Service

  1. Wine training for servers
  2. How to approve a bottle of wine
  3. How to taste wine

Week# 5 Customer Service

  1. DiPietro, Robin B. and Gregory, Susan (2013) “A Comparative Study of Customer Perceptions Regarding Green Restaurant Practices: Fast Food vs. Upscale Casual,” Hospitality Review: Vol. 30 : Iss. 1 , Article 1. Available at:
  2. A Restaurant with no leftovers

Week# 6 Table Management

  1. Cleaning the dinner table
  2. Restaurant of the future? Service with an impersonal touch

Week #7 Banquet Service

  1. In Picking the Right Caterer, the Food Is Just the Start
  2. Banquets Service
  3. Banquet booking

Week# 8 Dining Etiquette

  1. Dining etiquette
  2. Front of the house etiquette

Week #9 Serving Courses

  1. First course service
  2. Second course service
  3. Third course service
  4. How to service and decrumb a table

Week #10 Sequence of Service

  1. Plate handling
  2. Table setup and sequence of service
  3. The Jean-Georges Recipe for Restaurants

Week#11 Reservations and Host/Hostess Training

  1. Vocational training: Catering Service
  2. At the restaurant: Taking a reservation on the phone-Reading and Listening Practice .
  3. Hostess/host training
  4. Opentable reservation system training

Week#13 Restaurant Server Training

  1. Restaurant server training
  2. How to setup a table

Week #14 Point of Sale Training

  1. Micros training

Week #15 Employee Retention

  1. Employee Retention
  2. Restaurant Dining is back, if you can find a table

Library sources for service analysis project

  1. Find resources at research guide.