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From:Malcolm Pendarvis
Date:March 6, 2018
R.E:N.Y Times Review #5

This week with Pete Wells brings us to a Pop-up restaurant that is now called Oxalis. A pop-up restaurant is a restaurant that just springs up in various locations, usually for one-night. It does not have a yelp review. This restaurant usually resided in Manhattan, where at some point they decided to take up a permanent location, after years of borrowing location spaces, with a fee, so after a while they decided to have a dinner with free tickets, and attracted investors that took a chance with them, and that’s how Oxalis came to being located in a former wine bar within site of the Brooklyn Museum.

Wells go on to described the food as “mild with a combination of focused coffee-and chicory cream sauce”. The meal price is reasonable for a four to six-course set menus ranging from 50$-60$. He describes the dish as starting off with pleasant bite size snacks, going on to potatoes that have been stewed in duck fat, then deep fried, which sounds amazing as an opener for the meal. However Wells described going back to Oxalis “as deja-vu in December, January, and February, when you are served some variation of scallops, duck, and yogurt. But then likes it as thought he dishes get a little stagnant they are still good.

The perpetual question comes, would I eat there? Yes as I like the creative process that the cooks do with ordinary ingredients to create something that is unique. Now Wells describe the interior “as a little dated, with the kitchen being a little off”, but despite that I will eat here as the biggest thing the service with the dated decor being offset by the lively wait staff who says expressions that you will hear when people talk to friends. Its warm, and inviting to the senses, making it a pleasure overall to eat here.

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