Where I’m From

Laurie Battaglia

Professor Akana

Intro to Food and Beverage


Where I’m From


Where I’m from, we eat Pasta with almost every meal. My favorite dish is Penne Alla Vodka. There aren’t many ingredients used in this sauce but it is definitely very flavorful. On occasions we eat this dish, which is usually served with chicken cutlets and Italian bread. The ingrediants in the Penne Alla Vodka sauce is heavy cream, pepper, salt, tomato sauce, vodka and a little bit of copped up onions if you like it. The pasta is made on the stove as well as the sauce. The pasta is put into a pot of boiled water until it is completely cooked. The sauce is also cooked on the stove in a pan. You mix everything together until it comes to a simmer and then add it to the pasta. In my house, my mother usually makes everything but now since my sister loves to cook and bake she has made the best Penne Alla Vodka I have ever tasted. At first the pasta is very hot so it feels like your mouth is burning, but let it cool down and you will taste the softness from the pasta but the craziness from all the flavors in the sauce. Eating this makes me feel complete because it it my favorite dish. I remember trying to make this dish for the first time with no help and it came out exactly like it should have. I was very happy that I knew how to cook my favorite food.


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College student majoring in Hospitality Management seeking a Bachelors degree.
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