Kelly Williams Where I’m from, we eat…

Where I’m from, we eat Fareen. The main ingredients of this product are cassava. Fareen can be used for breakfast as a portage, by soaking it in water, or for lunch as a substitute for rice, and also at special occasions in creative ways. The older women of the household usually prepare it. When the husbands, comes back from the farm with bags cassava, the women go straight to peeling it. It’s usually like two bags of a hundred cassavas or more. They then, wash it thoroughly and start to grate it. After it is grated it’s very soppy, and so they now have to extract the juice. The juice is extracted by using a long sieve like tube called matapi. A wood is put through the end hole of the matapi, and to balance it, a person sits at the other end and the juices are squeezed out. After the juice is completely out, the remains are then sifted in a sifter to make sure no lumps are there. Finally it is put into a big pan to fry. While it is being prepared, it usually has a very starchy smell. When I eat fareen I feel very full, it’s delicious. My best memory of eating fareen is with barbeque Tasso. It’s the best.

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