Antonio Tlapanco

Antonio Tlapanco

December 6, 2011

Where I’m From, we Eat Chocolate Skulls

Where I am from we eat Chocolate Skulls. Chocolate Skulls are a Mexican treat that is only eaten during the Mexican holiday called Day of the Dead. However, it has gained some popularity so it is now made for a Halloween treat. The required ingredients are chocolate, hard candy, and pomegranate flavoring oil. The process of making this tasty and sweet treat can take several hours and due to the time factor it is usually made by the more experienced but anyone can make it. The steps of it being prepared consist of first melting chocolate and then being poured into the mold. The smell in the air when it is being prepared is an overwhelming chocolate and sugar. I am sure that is the same smell you would smell if Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory existed. The first bite into a chocolate skull is hard however after eating it can be the sweetest thing you have ever tasted. Eating one will make you extremely energetic but it also makes me feel relaxed. I have not had one in so many years and I hope to have one again soon.


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