Concierge Marketing Assignment

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Concierge Marketing Assignment

20% of total course grade

Selection of NYC Attraction is Due Before Class Begins, Week 8

Written Assignment is Due in Class, Week 11

Presentations will be Conducted Week 11 and 12



Consider all that New York has to offer visitors and New Yorkers alike. Consider also places in New York that you have never visited but would like to explore; perhaps a museum, an art gallery, a park, a sports arena, a restaurant and so much more. Make a list of these places. Then choose one to visit considering 1) significance to the culture of New York, 2) the attraction’s point of difference and 3) the target demographic of the attraction.


After your site visit write an essay describing 1) it’s significance to the culture of NY, 2) what makes the attraction unique, 3) who is the target demographic, 4) examples of hospitality you witnessed, 5) areas of improvement in guest service


Role and Audience

You are the Concierge of an upscale hotel in Manhattan; you will use your research to communicate to your guests about NYC attractions.


Assignment selections

  • Post your chosen tourist attraction on OpenLab as a response on the “Experiential Learning Assignment” page (do not create a post). Include a brief statement as to why this site is significant to the culture of New York including a reference
  • Only one student per attraction

Written portion, 2-2½ page essay (10% of total grade)

  • APA format and standards, proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling…
  • Minimum of three credible references
  • Exhibit the ability to evaluate the importance of the tourist attraction or historically significant location to the New York City hospitality industry
  • Provide evidence of the importance of employees as a part of the product and how an employee influences the guest’s experience.
  • See writing rubric

Oral presentation (10% of total grade)

  • Students will be divided into groups (each person will work independently)
  • Students will conduct a two minute presentation in small group settings of 3-4 people, no questions will be asked at this time (see oral communication rubric)
  • Students should be prepared to repeat their presentation 4- 6 times to both classmates and faculty members
  • Upon completion of the small group presentations, students will have the opportunity to ask individual questions to their classmates, one minute
  • Students will nominate their peers’ presentation for a variety of “Best of…” awards.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Discuss scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Gather information from observation in regard to the hospitality industry from a local, national and global perspective
  • Evaluate and examine hotel classifications
  • Engage in high impact and industry specific written and oral communication

37 thoughts on “Concierge Marketing Assignment

  1. Savanna Acevedo

    New York is known to be a populated city filled with locals and visitors we call tourists. These people come from all around the world. Who tend to visit all year round for the famous attractions, exciting activities, and tasteful food the city has to offers. Brooklyn Bridge Park is significant to the culture of New York because all things mentioned above can be found at this park along with a pleasurable view and calming vibe. A local’s guide to Brooklyn Bridge Park. (2017, November 20).

  2. Kiara Landrau

    As we all know New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world and known for many of our attractions. We have attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Rock, and many of which the big apple is known for are our Broadway musicals. Broadway is a place where many theater performers ever dream of being in.If you are interested in seeing a Broadway musical you could read “Where” or visit (January 2018)

    1. Prof. Karen Goodlad Post author

      Grand Central Station is surely an important location but the information provided through the link is not academically credibility and, since it is a website, it was not published in 1969. Make sure to use APA format for references.

  3. Maria Mateo

    The city of New York consists of several tourist attractions that every year attracts more tourists from different parts of the world to visit the city. Some of these attractions are The Empire State Building , The Liberty Statue and El Museo del Barrio. The Empire State Building is significant to the culture of New York because is a place that symbolize great achievement for the history of the country. The best New York attractions. Retrieved March 24, 2018, from

      1. Maria Mateo

        The High Line
        “There are few places more charming than a radiant evening on the High Line. NYC’s just lifted stop is one of Manhattan’s most popular destination. The High Line was resurrected as a 1.45-mile-long green space in 2009, running from Hudson Yards to the northern edge of Chelsea”.
        “The 32 Best Things to Do When You Visit New York City. (n.d.). Retrieved April 15, 2018, from

  4. AndreGoines

    Recently Brooklyn has become a growing attraction in NYC for many tourist with the opening of the Barclays Center in September 2013; The arena was partly constructed to commemorate the demolished Ebbets field which was home stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers American Major League Baseball team in the early 20th century. This arena provides luxury lodging, many restaurants , and live entertainment to any guest.
    Jason Sheftell (October 28, 2012) Inside the Barclays Center: Take a tour of the hidden gems in Brooklyn’s new arena. New York Daily News

    1. Prof. Karen Goodlad Post author

      If the arena is your site then you will need to visit it before competing the paper. Attending an event would be an important aspect of the assignment.

      Make sure to use APA format for references.

  5. Nate The Great

    Apollo Theater
    The Big Apple has so many tourist attraction that are hard to see all at once. Many people choose to see big sky scrappers as their first choice. All honesty truth be told you will get a bigger and better NYC experience visiting the Apollo Theater that’s where magic is made. Apollo Theater is significant to me because that’s where artist come to share their love for music, and music is the easiest way through people heart.

  6. kristina medich

    there are many parks in new York city, but i think the high line is one of the best parks to go to in new York. the High line is a horizontal park that was a former train track converted into a inhabits the history of new York while showing you the views and atmosphere of new York.


  7. Dzifa Dzuakpo

    Dzifa Dzuakpo

    Rockefeller Center
    The Rockefeller Center was created during the great depression in 1929 and was officially opened in May 1933 by John D. Rockefeller who wanted to give back to the people. so he built the Rockefeller center by offering thousands of job opportunity. making Rockefeller Center the cultural center because of the economic prosperity it created. creating a city within a city which was known for. its located in midtown Manhattan. its one of the tallest building with private office space which where some of the t.v stations are. its also know for the annual christmas tree lighting, known for its ice skating rink during the winter time.

  8. Ansa

    Icahn stadium
    Located on Randalls Island in the borough of Manhattan, Icahn has over 5000 seats and is a multipurpose facility greatly known for its Track and Field events. Thousands of Olympic Athletes train and run trials there such as Usain bolt, he set the world record for the 100 meter dash on that track.

  9. Louie Panganiban

    9/11 Memorial Memorial

    From tragedy to beauty, the 9/11 memorial waterfall houses the name of all the lives taken on September 11, 2001. The two waterfalls are located where the original world trade centers once stood, which gives a reminder to everyone during that time that they will not be forgotten as time pass. This gorgeous spot also contains a free museum to learn more about eerie day.

    1. Prof. Karen Goodlad Post author

      Approved but you need to find an academically credible source and provide an APA formatted reference. Also, this is a sensitive location, make sure to approach your presentation with candor.

  10. S Fofana

    Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, The Museum of Modern Art is home to the world’s greatest collection of modern and contemporary art. MoMA’s collection also showcases photography, film, architecture, design, media, and performance art. Visitors can also enjoy shopping and fine and casual dining options. It’s a nice place to visit and see some great art work while enjoying the pieces and the atmosphere. I believe there is certainly something for everyone in this museum.

  11. Vasiliy Seferovic

    The attraction/destination significant to New York’s history and culture, and today a popular trendy and touristy spot, which I will be presenting, is the cult neighborhood of Lower East Side. In terms of dining, nightlife, retail, lodging, visiting an art gallery or having a glass of wine in downtown NYC and beyond, this is the place to be. From one of the worst slums in America, where most of the lower class immigrants settled, mostly Jewish heritage, and one of the crucial birthplaces of the Mafia, what can be witnessed at the Tenement museum, to cult restaurants like Katz’s Deli and Russ&Daughters Cafe, and today, with many great dining and leisure options, alongside 122 Art galleries, this is an area where I would recommend my guests, who would mainly be younger to middle-aged crowd, to experience a unique New York City experience.

  12. Sade Jones

    Madison Square Garden is a famous arena home of the NY Knicks, Rangers and the Liberty. Madison Square Garden is big on family entertainment, they offer behind the scene tours , Concerts, and sports games. The garden is a 36,000 square foot arena that has able 20,000 seats but can hold up to 1,867,234 people inside of the arena.

  13. Daniela Brito

    NYC is home to the largest Asian population of any U.S. city. Flushing, Queens shows a real representation of the Asian culture in NYC surpassing Manhattan’s Chinatown. Flushing offers a great array of Asian restaurants, shops, and ingredients. This area shows the diversity and authentic culture that can be found when traveling to the city. you can be in more places than one when touring NYC.


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