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Hotel 1 Visit – Weronika & Nicolette

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Terms : 

  1. Occupancy – The action or fact of occupying a place
  2. Average Daily Rate РIs a statistical unit that is often used in the lodging industry. The number represents the average rental income per paid occupied room in a given time period.
  3. FAM TRIP РTrip for travel agents or consultants, provided by a travel operator or airline as a means of promoting their service.
  4. Turn-down Service – Refers to the practice of staff entering a guest’s room and “turning down” the bed linen of the bed in the room, preparing the bed for use.


When you first enter the hotel, you see a lot of plants and natural aspects that make the client feel welcomed and comfortable. There the guests can stay in the lounge unwind and enjoy their surroundings. With the wall to ceiling windows providing plenty of natural light, make the lounge feel refreshing and calm.

The location where the Hotel 1 is located, in right on the Brooklyn pier. It has a beautiful view of the city, and Brooklyn bridge while the guests stay. On the pier, couples put locks up as memories and make it a loving envoirment.

Also, all guests and tourists/visitors can relax and enjoy the entertainment on the pier. This gives the guests an opportunity to go explore and unwind to some good music by Bargemusic. This is preformed on the boat.

Hotel 1 has a beautiful master suite. With big beautiful windows that have a very clear visual of the City and Brooklyn bridge. Exposed bathroom and all natural aspects are included in the room that give the clients a peace of mind and zen. This is the perfect room for anyone that enjoys the view of the hustle and bustle of the city while relaxing the organic all natural room!



@” The 1 Hotel ” by Andre Goines & Kristina Medich

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This week our class went on a field trip to ” The 1 hotel” located in Brooklyn, NY. When our class arrived we were immediately greeted and began our tour through out the hotel; below are the things that stood out to us as guests


The hotel is located in the Dumbo neighborhood right near the Dumbo pier; You have access to stellar views of the historic Brooklyn bridge & one world trade center right outside your window



this hotel has a restaurant located on the ground floor and is available to serve guests whether they lodge or not. the décor has a homely feel to it giving off that traditional restaurant vibe


Residing here as guest; gives you access to the gym located on the second floor. luckily The amenities’ do not end at the gym;
“The 1 Hotel” has a vast selection of amenities’ for all guest such as Wi-Fi, complementary snacks, and iPad for each room to call upon room service and or concierges

expression of hospitality

An expression of unique hospitality that was very present to us was the hammock located in the pent house suite we visited next; this and the other amenities displays the hotels intentions of making sure your stay at this hotel shouldn’t differ from what you are used to at home

Some terms that we saw in ” The 1 Hotel ” that are still new to us were

-Occupancy: the difference between rooms used by guest and the available rooms usually written in a ratio

-Average Daily Rate: more commonly known as ” ADR” is the average price of a room sold each day

-Executive committee: A group of staff & individuals with very high positions who makes grand scale decision on the behalf of the hotel owner

РRoom block: when a guest lodging within the hotel reserves a conference and or entertainment  room for a private event and or social gathering

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What did you like/dislike about the site visit to The 1 Hotel?         

What I like about The 1 Hotel is that they are a  sustainable hotel. It has a touch of nature that makes it more interesting. The rooms are amazing, they have a very beautiful view. Something that caught my attention was that in the rooms they use tablets that the guests use to be able to communicate with the cast members in case they need something , so they do not have to be calling by phone. In the rooms, they also have recyclables  trash cans so that during the stay of the guests, they learn how to recycle. The room we visit  the ceiling is made of mushroom that was molded and dried. Another thing that I like is the amenity of receiving their guests with fruits , it seemed something very original for me. The cast members were very friendly , always with a smile.

The 1 Hotel, Site Visit. (Louie and Gin)

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Room Block РAn agreement with both parties reserving a time, meeting, and place for conventions to take place. Can also block rooms if some are unavailable. 

Occupancy –¬†Refers to how many rooms were occupied versus the total available space.

Average Daily Rate –¬†The given profit made for¬†EVERY room daily.

Executive Committee¬†–¬†Usually in a much more busier hotel. An executive committee consists of higher up managers giving order and regulation to the employees.


When you first enter the lobby of The 1 Hotel, on the right is a very beautiful lounge for guests to use for either work or just to relax. It’s decorated with plants and comfortable furniture to make the guest feel at ease.

This restaurant is located inside of the hotel. Actually, this opened up recently prior to when the hotel first opened. This is available to everyone not only providing food, but a good view for the guests.

Right outside is a view of the city and bridges. This is a perfect tourist attraction because not only will they be relaxing and eating, but they can also see the view of one of the best cities in the world. The 1 Hotel made a good decision picking this location because right outside is also DUMBO.

I thought this was a very nice sign of Hospitality. The lobby offered apples to all guest, but this stood out to me. In my mind it symbolizes a well giving and nourishing too all those in need.

The 1 Hotel, Site Visit. (Reflection)

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How did you feel about going to The 1 Hotel?

I have been to DUMBO very often and I have always seen this hotel curious about going in just because I have never seen a hotel like this. As soon as you enter you are greeted with friendly smiles, warm air, and subtle perfume. I really enjoyed the hotel’s decor, which should be expected considering this is what a boutique hotels focus on. Overall, I didn’t feel like I was at home like what some other hotels focus on, but I would definitely bring some friends/family here.

Karmen Chiu hotel reflection

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What was the most significant information you learned while at The 1 Hotel?

There were a lot of things that were significant that I learned on the 1 Hotel tour. The most significant information that I learned was that the hotel reuses a lot of things also known as second life. The decorations on the ceiling were made of mushroom that was molded and baked. Another thing that was reused was the wall decor that was made out of rooftops that were blown on to the floor and an artist created art out of it.

Hotel tour( karmen chiu, soumahya fofana)

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Occupancy is the relationship between demand (the number of rooms actually sold) and supply (the number of rooms available for sale). Rooms sold divided by rooms available for sale in percentage.
Average Daily Rate is the dollar amount received for each room sold. Room sales divided by number of rooms sold

An amenity that was provided for the guest that stayed at the hotel.

The restaurant that opened one year ago

Room Block is a group of hotel rooms that a hotel puts on hold at a special negotiated rate for a group of people. A room block can be set up for a family reunion, a conference, or a wedding. Moreover, a typically room block need to be at least 9 rooms, but although sometimes hotels offer 5 plus rooms.

Turn-down service refers to the practice of staff entering a guest’s room and turning down the bed linen of the bed in the room, preparing the bed for use. 

Something of historic importance is the East River Ferry that tourists can take from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The ferry is inexpensive, and you get a great view of the city from the river.

This eco-friendly handmade papier-m√Ęch√© ceiling lamp that is made out of mushroom give a sense of expression of hospitality to guests.