One Hotel visit by Daniela and Daniel

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This week in class we visited the beautiful One Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge. Walking around with my partner Daniel, we were able to pick up on key industry terms and point out important things to look for in a hotel.

  • Average Daily Rate: the average daily rate is the average price a hotel is charging for a room on a given day. Although I cannot remember the average daily rate exactly I remember it was between $300-400.
  • FAM trip: stands for familiarization trip. It is a trip you take somewhere to get familiarized with the the operations of an establishment. Our trip to the hotel was a FAM trip.
  • Housekeeping standards: housekeeping standards can vary depending on the brand and market of the hotel. The one hotel has high standards in everything including housekeeping and that was obvious in the suite we visited and the untouched event spaces.
  • Occupancy: occupancy is the percentage of all rooms occupied at a given time. I don’t remember the occupancy rate at the One Hotel but it was over 50%.

This is one of the many amenities at the hotel. A hammock set up by a huge window in the corner of a room with a beautiful view. I have never seen that.

An example of the housekeeping standards. Perfect set up of an unused event space.

This is the restaurant on the premises of the hotel.

There is significant historical importance to the area. A potential draw for some tourists.





*All photo credits to Daniela Brito

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