Dani Brito (Edited)

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eager to try things and learn


Hello everyone. My name is Daniela Brito. This is my first semester at City Tech, but I am not new to college by any means. I have an associates degree from Bronx Community College in Office Administration and Technology. I took a lot of time off trying to figure out where I want to be and I’m still a long way away. My goals are to finally complete my bachelors degree in a field that interests me and not just a general degree. I hope to gain technical skills as well as insight into the industry from professionals and other students. I am drawn to the hospitality industry. I enjoy learning about food, meeting people, and arranging events. I am currently working at Eataly; an Italian specialty market and restaurant. I come into contact with a lot of food and different people eager to try things and learn. I look forward to using this first semester with the department of Hospitality and Management to explore the industry more and see where in it I belong.

3 thoughts on “Dani Brito (Edited)

  1. Karina

    I can totally relate to your situation although I don’t have a degree yet but I did take off school for a while and currently working at a restaurant still wondering what it is I want to do in this industry. I hope we both find what we want to do throughout our time in citytech

  2. S Fofana

    Hi Daniela, just like you this is also my first semester at City Tech but I’m no stranger to the college life. I have an AA degree in liberal arts from Hostos and looking forward to furthering my education in hospitality management.


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