Maria Mateo (Edited)

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As a young visionary and entrepreneurial mind, my career goals are to open a restaurant in my home country (Dominican Republic) and a company of event planning.  I’ll like to be able to be known as an expert in the hospitality industry and to be an  influencer  that can set trends. My personal strengths are being curious and determined. As a curious person,  I like trying new things and taking new challenges in my life that would serve as a lesson in my life and in the future.







4 thoughts on “Maria Mateo (Edited)

  1. Nicolette Hardy

    Hi , nice to meet you Maria. What intrigued me the most about you is your ambition in the hospitality industry . It is very nice that you would like to take what you learn from here in the U.S. and apply it to start a restaurant in Dominican Republic . What I can say to you is continue to follow your dream and don’t give up .

  2. S Fofana

    Hello, just like you one of my career goals is to open a restaurant in my native country (Cote D’Ivoire) and a company of event planning as well in the near future inshallah.


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