Sydney Jackson Industry Research: Step One

Sydney Jackson
Professor Park
Hospitality Management 1101

Industry Research Report : (Step One)

A sector of the hospitality industry I would like to build my career in is Lodging Operations.
Three trends in Lodging Operations are:
 Third Party Booking Sites
 Facial Recognition Check-In
 Augmented Reality
Third Party Booking Sites:
A third party booking site offered deals to consumers by purchasing empty room in hotels. People looking for hotels to stay in consider using a third party booking site, because prices are cheaper versus booking straight from the hotels website. Third party booking sites make it easier for hotels to gain more customers. They also give an alternative to just looking on the hotel website, calling, or even walking in.

Facial Recognition Check-In:
Facial recognition check-in allows hotel guests to check-in by scanning their face and ID card at a kiosk. This trend only exists in China as of right now. It is supposed to speed up a long wait time for checking in. So, now you have an option of digitally checking in instead of waiting at the front desk for a long period of time.

Augmented Reality:
Augmented reality is a computer generated image of the real world. It is a special amenity to include in hotels, because not every hotel has it. Augmented reality can be useful for information you need or even to enhance the relaxation of your stay. You can pull up a map of your surrounding area for directions or put a waterfall around your room for tranquility. The possibilities are endless with this superb features in hotels.

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