All the work listed here will be submitted via Blackboard. The work includes a two discussion boards in the Blackboard folder named “Asynchronous Class Session 11/3”. I anticipate that all the work can be completed between 8:30 and 11:00 am on 11/3, doing so will make for the greatest learning experience.

UNWTO Reports/Discussion Board

Read these two reports form UNWTO. 1) 2019 International Tourism Highlights and 2) Tourism in the Face of Covid-19

  1. Using the discussion board, create a new thread and write six (6) questions that your classmates will answer using the information found in the two reports. (I will read the questions to ensure they are each unique so start early!)
  2. Read at least three of your classmates posts, answer at least 6 questions presented by your classmates.

Changemakers/Discussion Board

Read the article, Meet the Changemakers of the Travel Industry.

  1. In the discussion board, write two characteristics the “change makers” seem to have in common. Make sure to use evidence from the article to support your statement.
  2. Read two other student’s statements. Respond by stating if you agree with their statement, disagree disagree with their statement or need more information to draw a conclusion. Support your response using evidence from the article.