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Generally when travelers visit NYC, it’s for reasons other than ecotourism, because of the environment. Being that it’s a city, many may over look certain activities that are eco friendly and fun, particularly in Brooklyn. Although Manhattan is usually the number one destination of NYC, in recent years Brooklyn has flourished into a desired location for visitors, due to transformations in the neighborhoods. Since tourism continues to exist in Brooklyn, Brooklynites have the opportunity to improve on their communities with technology and artistry. Overall, Brooklyn has become more diversified between the tourist and the locals, benefiting both parties. 


By: Sarah Fernandez 

Dec 10th, 2018 


  1. 12 p.m. Olmsted (Brunch) 

Start your weekend by enjoying brunch at one of Brooklyn’s best new restaurant, Olmsted. Here you’ll find that their large selection of quality tea is what steals the show, along with their beautifully decorated backyard garden area. Located on 659 Vandebilt Ave, one may find on the menu, honey nut squash bread (Harbison clotted cream and jam) for $12, egg rolls for $15, and a potato latke (preserved lemon crème fraiche and smoked trout roe) for $13. Selections like these, can be accompanied by quality tea such as, herbal, tisane, white, green, oolong, black and matcha. 

2. 2:00 p.m. The Little Brooklyn Market 

After your morning tea, take a quick MTA train ride to Williamsburg and your first stop there, the Mini Mall on Bedford Ave. Inside one can find small boutiques owned by Brooklyn based designers, selling vintage and handmade clothes and accessories. Designers Justine and Eric Lavazzon use recycled leather to create their handmade handbags, for their collection. For some organic style jewelry you can pass by Reinerland, a small shop owned by Cristina Taranu and Reiner Mengesdorf who use beautiful stones from around the world to create their jewelry.  

3. 4:00 p.m. Domino Park (North Brooklyn Farms) 

If you’re not interested in shopping, the next best thing is visiting Domino Park. Located on a former Domino Sugar refinery, the newly constructed park is a great spot to walk around and enjoy the Manhattan skyline. Inside you can find the North Brooklyn Farm, notorious for reservations for events such as, weddings and other celebrations. The farm also host dinners, live shows and volunteer days on days when they’re scheduled on their website. Visitors are welcome to walk around and observe the plants and vegetables, while enjoying the scenery of the city.

4. 6:00 p.m. Hamilton’s  

Enjoy a delicious affordable meal accompanied with a drink or two in a local tavern with friends and family. There you can order an appetizer starting at $6, then move on to the main courses like the grilled salmon (with mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach) priced at $24. Or one could choose from their selection of gluten free and vegan courses such as, the house made veggie burger for $13. With the indoor scene and the outdoor patio available for guest, the restaurant gives a great atmosphere to grab a glass with some company for the rest of the night.


5. 10:00 a.m. Cycling in Prospect Park 

One new way New York has become ecofriendly is through new ways of transportation. One of the most popular is cycling, using Citi Bikes. Simply by using a card to pay for a desired amount of time, (at any bike station) anyone can ride to where they need to go. A great rout to take is through Prospect Park. Even though it may not be as large as Cental Park, that may be a good thing. One can bike through the designated bike lanes with ease since there isn’t such a cluster of people and enjoy the view of the greenery and even the lake deep inside the park. 

6. 11:00 a.m. Hungry Ghost 

After your morning stroll through the park, bike your way over to the Hungry Ghost. This small coffee shop, brews deliciously made coffee with unique designs on the surface. You can take a seat in the café and enjoy your coffee with customary breakfast food options.  

7. 1:00 p.m. Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket 

On your way back from the botanic garden, step into the greenmarket just a couple blocks away on Flatbush avenue. Founded in 1976, Greenmarket has established itself in serving to the local community, supporting farmers, educating youth and donating to community gardens. As a customer you can help support local farmers and business by purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and other miscellaneous items. The space may become crowded at times since it’s very popular with the locals, however it’s a great opportunity to meet and interact with people and purchase some organic and fresh snacks. 

8. 3:30 p.m. Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

A perfect way to escape all the busyness and chaos of the city is to visit the Botanic Garden. Prices start at $15 for adults and vary for seniors, children and students. With the calming atmosphere and beautiful scenery, anyone can come simply to relax and admire the greenery.  Stunning gardens like the cherry escapade, cranford rose garden and the lily pool terrace are currently available for guest. Although it gets colder and difficult to visit during the winter season there are plenty of exhibitions and gardens indoors. 

9. 6:00 p.m. Berrel and Fare  

Enjoy the rest of your night with some late-night comfort food and some drinks. You can order dishes like the buttermilk fried chicken or the kale and the grilled romaine Caesar salad (with prices varying.) Both can be accompanied with any selection from their red, white and sparkling wines or other cocktails. With seasonal seating options, great service and a casual atmosphere you’re set to have a good time. 


10. 7:15 a.m. Green Wood Cemetery 

Book in advance the “Birding in Peace” tour to this historical landmark. Make sure to wear layers because it might get chilly during the winter months, as you walk around exploring the cemetery.  You’re welcome to look for and admire the wildlife present. 

11. 9:00 a.m. Baked in Brooklyn 

Just across the street from the main entrance of the Green Wood Cemetery, stop by to pick up a cup of coffee and a fresh roll from multiple selections of bread and sweets. Their bread and other desserts although on display for customers, are fresh out of the oven, so no need to worry about staleness. Grab a window seat at the café and enjoy you’re warm breakfast as you watch people walk pass. 


Experience a luxurious lifestyle, at The One Hotel. Located in Brooklyn (DUMBO) opened in February 2017, It’s a small hotel that operates as apart of a brand with other locations in Miami and Central Park. This location specifically was designed to represent the history and overall theme of the neighborhood, which is industrial life and nature. Inside there’s greenery on the walls and tables, and the lobby is dressed with a “cabin the woods” type of style. Although it’s a small brand there are some new locations in the works, so they’re expecting for the brand to grow in the near future. 

Room pricing rages from $700 – $1000 a night based on the location of the hotel and the amenities they provide. Since the hotel is located in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, one may enjoy the astonishing view of the city from your hotel room. And enjoy the fancy amenities such as a spa, fitness center, restaurant and rooftop lounge/pool. 


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