36 Hours in Paris

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Paris has been the city I wanted to visit for the longest time and is also the most visited city in the whole world, reading the article only increases my aspiration to see the infamous Eiffel Tower in person. Getting on the Ballon de Paris would allow me to do so without wasting time waiting in the long line, it takes you 450 feet above the Parc André Citroën and you can see some of the other famous attractions from there, it would be a totally different experience than seeing them on the ground. Another one of the most appealing activities for me is to visit their museums, from the Palais de Tokyo to Petit Palais, there are so many options for people to explore the art world. If you are a party person, péniche is what you can’t miss, get on a party boat and enjoy the live music and delicious chilled wine. If I ever go to Paris, I would choose to stay at the Off Paris Seine, which is located next to the Cité de la Mode et du Design exhibition center, it’s convenient and it also has a popular bar/restaurant. I’ve been planning on traveling to Paris for about a year so I definitely would love to go to Paris.

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