36 Hours in Manhattan, 59th Street and Below

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By Jessica Balatucan

New York City, the city that never sleeps, is one of the most busiest city in the world. There are so many significant landmarks that tourist from around the world would come to visit. Manhattan is culturally diverse ranging from the different types of food to the high quality fashion. It is a fast paced city full of hustling people of many different backgrounds. With a cluster of cultural integration; including arts, food, etc.

Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan


  1. Time Square 9 p.m.

Time Square is known for its bright advertisement, big billboards and we can’t forget about the lights. So what other time to experience Time Square other than the night. There are so many attractions in Times Square that you can spend the rest of the night exploring. Lets head over to the Hard Rock Cafe NYC and get some grub. It’s a cafe that displays many musical relics from famous musicians where you can learn about the history of some of the greatest artists and eat while you’re surrounded with the original rock music. Getting hungry? Why not try the Original Legendary Burger, for $12.55.

Get your geek on and head on south to hit Midtown Comics Time Square. It’s where comic book lovers and anime lovers come to buy different types of merchandise as well as checking out the different types of comics that are rare. It is a place to relax and pick up a comic or a book from your favorite fictional characters and stories. If you’re a sweet lover, theres also a M&M world and a Hershey world.



2. Grand Central 7 a.m.

Not a morning person? Lets head to Joe Coffee at Grand Central and get yourself a Ethiopia coffee. Grand Central is one of the most famous landmarks in Manhattan. It displays art, statues, and even has some stores and restaurants inside. Theres a huge amount of commuters that travels in and out of the terminal everyday.

3. Bryant Park 8 a.m.

Start walking west and you’d hit Bryant Park. Bryant Park is one of the many park that manhattan has to offer and holds a lot of events such as food events, game events, and art events. The park also contains a garden, monuments and the New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. They have a reading room that allows people to freely read books without spending money there. The creation of the library was inspired by the depression era, where people had no money and sought out forms of entertainment.

4. Brooklyn Bridge 10 a.m.

Take the train to the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is symbolic to the world. It is the first complex bridge in the city. There is so much history so why not walk across the bridge and enjoy the view. After all that walking, stop by the Potbelly Sandwich Shop and have yourself a scrumptious sandwich, $9, with a freshly baked cookie, $1.50, and a refreshing beverage of your choice. Our next stop is the Brooklyn Cat Cafe where you can pet cute and furry kittens for just $5 per half hour per person. Your heart will melt by spending time with these adorable fur-balls.

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

Brooklyn Bridge
Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

5. Brooklyn Bridge Park 12 p.m.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park isn’t a far walk but if you’re tired of walking, you can also take the train. The park has so much to offer. You can talk a walk, relax at the gardens, play some sports at Pier 2, take a ride at Jane’s Carousel, or even admire the beach at Pier 4.  Try a scoop of ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

View from Brooklyn Bridge Park Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

View from Brooklyn Bridge Park
Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

6. Rockefeller Center 3 p.m.

Rockefeller Center is a big tourist spot because during December, they put up a christmas tree and tourist form around the world would come just to watch the lighting of the tree. There is also so many amazing dishes to try and stores to check out such as Radio City, Nintendo NY, and the LEGO Store. A gamer fan? Check out Nintendo NY and check out the history of the game counsel. Theres also merchandise, plushies, and you can even try out some games that they offer for free. The LEGO Store also offers some extraordinary lego displays as well as being able to build your own lego toy. Rockefeller Center also has an outdoor ice skating rink thats $35 for adults and $12 for children and seniors.

Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

7. M.O.M.A. 5 p.m.

M.O.M.A., the Museum Of Modern Art, displays various types of art pieces that may have been influenced through modern society or technology. Art pieces including photograpghs, illustrations, abstract, statues, paintings, etc. General Admission is $25, $18 for seniors, and free for children.

8. Soho Noho 6 p.m.

Head over to Soho and take a stroll around Broadway. It may be a bit too pricey but a little bit of window shopping won’t hurt anyone. Soho holds some of the highest rent in Manhattan. There are various luxurious apartments, restaurants, and shopping areas. There are a lot of famous people living in Soho and it is known to have a lot of artists living there. Start walking north and you’d hit the Evolution Store. The evolution store is a place with collections of exotic specimens and arts in regarding organisms.

9. Union Square 8 p.m.

Keep heading north, and you’d see Ippudo, where they sell ramen, for $15 per bowl. Not too far is Union Square. Union Square is a park with gardens, monuments, and a dog park. The park is surrounded by organic supermarkets, like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, shopping outlets, and book stores such as the huge Barnes and Noble, the Strand Bookstore, and Forbidden Planet. People can play chess and there is always a street performance to keep you entertained. There is also the holiday market, where they sell many festive items relating to the upcoming holiday. Union Square is a nice place to get yourself a book from any of the book stores it offers and relax at the park during the day, and party at night at Webster Hall. If partying or concerts isn’t your thing, you can also watch a movie at AMC Village 7 or at Regal Union Square Stadium 14.

Ramen from Ipuddo Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan

Ramen from Ipuddo
Photo Credit: Jessica Balatucan


10. Battery Park 7 a.m.

Relax and enjoy the view at Battery Park. The park has many things to offer. Theres an urban farm where they educate the public about sustainable farming. Theres a SeaGlass Carousel in which people sit in and float around. Theres also a Labyrinth which is a garden with a stone pathway that visitors come to enjoy the scenery. Also the Peter Minuit Plaza is within battery park and hosts weekly green markets, flea markets, and other events.


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36 hours in Downtown Manhattan New York in under 59 dollars

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Friday December 9th

Image result for 14th street green market christmas


We are arriving at the 14th street Union Square green market and this time of year they are selling many assortments for the Christmas season. You are free to walk around during this time and purchase many holiday assortments that can be as low as a few dollars. During this time you can buy fresh produce that were hand picked from farmers from the tri state area. It can get crowded in the farmer market but it is really worth visiting during this time of season.



Image result for washington square park

At 4 we will be arriving at the Washington Square Park and it is commonly known for the fountain that is located in the center of the park. There are many restaurants around the park and stands just in case you get hungry. There are also plenty of events that usually happen in the park and they are completely free. For chess lovers there are a vast amount of chess tables around the park. Washington Square park is great for just strolling around taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. NYU is also just around the corner for those who are curious to see how the campus will look.


Image result for noho ny

At 7 feel free to shop around and stroll in the city. There are plenty of stores and many restaurants for you to enjoy your dinner. Noho is filled with many buildings that do not look they were built in new york. The buildings have this modern look to them and are different than most buildings in New York since most have a rich history to them.


At 9 we will be visiting the crocodile lounge. Here we will be offered alcoholic beverages that range between 8 dollars but are a great deal since it comes with free pizza a new york specialty. There are plenty of activities in this bar such as pool and skee ball. The atmosphere is very retro and takes you back to the 20th century.

Saturday Dec 10th

10 am

Image result for highline

At 10 am we will be visiting the highline in 14th street. The highline stretches all the way from 14th street to 34th hudson yards and there are some stands during the way from this long walk. It is a beautiful site with a lot of nature and great views of downtown Manhattan. During this time feel free to take many pictures during this walk. At the end of the highline you can read about how the highline was created and the process of how the highline was created. The great thing about the highline is it is not complete yet and every year it is made longer so it is great for new tourists or tourists who just visited New York. At the end of the walk there are plenty of stands that sell lunch food or cold drinks.


115 pm

Image result for javits center

At 115 we will be visiting the exterior of the Javitz center. This holds a variety of events such as comic-con and plenty more. This stadium is beautiful to look at and it is near a great view of the ocean. There are plenty of benches to relax after the tour of the Javitz Center.



Image result for Madison square garden

Madison Square Garden the most famous arena in the world. It hosts many sporting events such as basketball, hockey, boxing and plenty more events. Apart from sports they host music events as well and it shows the versatility of this stadium. This stadium is breathtaking to see and there is also plenty of shopping areas as well.


Image result for smalls jazz club

We have rented out smalls jazz club located in 10th street and are being treated to drinks and jazz music. Admission is 10 dollars and you can stay until 10pm. A beer is priced at 8 dollars and there is a special for 14 dollars for 2 beverages.After a long day it is great to relax with some jazz music. New York residents have rated this a great place to just sit back and relax after a long tiring day. We are being served dinner here but may be pricey for some. There are plenty of restaurants near the smalls jazz club. After the smalls Jazz club we will be returning to our hotel.

Sunday Dec 11th


We are ending of the visit of the big apple with a relaxing breakfast in Two Smalls Little Italy. It is optional to eat there but it is highly recommended as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in terms of breakfast. For those who are not interested in Two smalls there are plenty of stands that sell breakfast items that stretch out to many blocks. We hope you have enjoyed visiting New York City.


The High Line. (n.d.). Retrieved December 08, 2016, from https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/the-high-line/highlights

Stang, C. (2016). Two Hands – Little Italy – New York – The Infatuation. Retrieved December 08, 2016, from https://www.theinfatuation.com/new-york/reviews/two-hands

Retrieved December 08, 2016, from http://newyorkcity.eventful.com/venues/jacob-k-javits-convention-center-/V0-001-001661911-8





Alejandra Aragon 36 Hour under 59th Street

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Alejandra Aragon                                                                                                                                    November 17, 2016

36 Hours under 59th Street

2016 Election Wall

2016 Election Wall

  • Union Square Park


8 AM

Firstly arriving at 14th Street Union Square that can be reached by the MTA 4, 5, 6, L, R, N, Q & W trains. Union Square Park is very historically important, nowadays it is known as a place where strangers gather together to protest, hang out, play a game of chess, skateboard, watch street performers and much more. Union Square Park is known for intersecting, Broadway and Fourth Ave. The Union was placed right in the intersection instead of celebrating the U.S federal or labor union. Existing the Subway Station, you cannot miss the protest wall based on the 2016 Presidential Election. Since 14th Street is widely known for its protests and gathering of people, New Yorkers express their feelings about the Election’s results. Walls full of sticky notes can be found all over the stations nearby exits, so why not bring a sticky note and express your feelings. Union Square has a very strong diverse community and why not be part of it? There are many breakfast spots are available around Union Square, An open 23 Hour Diner called “The Coffee Shop” to enjoy a wonderful friendly breakfast varying from griddles to omelets. Super fluffy affordable pancakes to the well-known International House of Pancakes also known as I-HOP. An on-the-go right outside the train station across “Mighty Pie” with a great selection of muffins. Union Square is the place to shop, with a great selection of things.

Union Square Holiday Market

Union Square Holiday Market

  • Union Square’s Green & Holiday Market:


Surrounding the park, Union Square’s Green Market is open Saturday mornings from 8 am to 6pm. The market varies from fresh Lavender, Lilac, Chamomile, soaps, baggies, flowers, candles and more. The Lavender scented items are smell very fresh and can make a great house décor or gift. The green market sells many fresh cheese, meat, and much more. The green market located in Union Square sells one of the best dried flowers. The flowers are formed as a bouquet, wall décor, heart shaped and more. The benefit of these flowers are that they’re last longing since their dried, and smell very good. These flowers range from 15$-$40 depending on your selection. Another market that is available is the Holiday market! Great time to travel to Union Square. There are many things to enjoy, see and buy, such as artwork, cool inventions, plants, cider, winter accessories, home décor, the list goes on and on.

  • Museum of Sex:


The Museum is about sex. Prices range from 16-18$ with an additional fee of 3$ to enjoy the Jump for Joy exhibit. There are many exhibits to enjoy and see, from photographs, to artifacts, imagery and sex lives of animals. All visitors must be over the age of 18.

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet

  • Comics, Books and more


Anime or Comic fanatic? Or maybe a Book worm? Forbidden Planet, and The Strand are great places to check out. It is absolutely impossible to walk out without buying an item in these stores.  Forbidden Planet has a great variety of Comics, Manga’s, Graphic novels, accessories, collectables, and so much more. This store is very much affordable and can get expensive with their exclusive items. A regular product such as an accessory or book can range from 10$ to 20$. The Strand, has a great variety of books, vinyl’s, Audio books, music and cd’s. The Strand has a very vintage warm feeling, making you comfortable as if your home. Other nearby stores for makeup addicts, pastry lovers, athletes, fashion fanatics, pet lovers and even babies!, are Nordstrom Rack, Sephora, MAC, ELF, Zumiez, Barnes & Nobles, Petco, Babies R Us, Forever 21, Reebok, Crumbs, Baked by Melissa and more. Union Square has almost everything you can imagine. All stores are nearby and it is impossible to get lost without finding the park located right at the center or all these stores.


  • Saint Marks Place

5 PM

Heading towards Saint Marks. Saint Marks is full of cool creepy things. There are book shops nearby, Tattoos and piercing shops, and many Asian restaurants. Before enjoying an amazing lunch at Hakata Hot Pot, visit a nearby store called Search and Destroy. This store can be really creepy from the outside and as well in the inside. Many stores like this can’t be found and is a very great experience. This store is a vintage, metal and punk store selling items, such as used clothing, accessories for both men and woman. If you’re an edgy and rocker person this is the store for you. This store is great overall for the experience, if it’s out of your league. Going onto Hakata Hot Pot offering Ramen Burgers, Ramen, Sushi and much more. This restaurant is very cozy and the service is great.


  • NoHo Pearl Mart


Pearl Market is a Chinese Apparel, House-ware and accessories market. They sell a variety of things from geisha’s to postcards, office supplies, clothing, snacks, and kitchen supplies. Buying an item from Pearl Mart is a must due to its very affordable pricing, wide variety of products and its authentic Chinese products. The Mart is 3 floors, take your time to enjoy the cute little items to the amazing furniture and clothing.

Little Italy's Ferris Wheel

Little Italy’s Ferris Wheel


  • Little Italy


Can this vacation be any more diverse? Welcome to Italy, Little Italy. Full of great Italian pastry, pizzas, pastas, and items! In Little Italy, one can absolutely not buy cannoli’s and fried Oreos. Little Italy holds street fairs where many food are sold at the streets. Some foods are pizza, shish kebabs, gelato and more. The streets are usually closed for people to walk by. Nothing is more welcoming than their lit up signs welcoming outsiders into Little Italy. Little Italy has many shops nearby, many of them you can buy scarfs, watches, clothing and much more on a budget. Many of the items go around 10$ to 25$. Little Italy offers games to play, and even a Ferris wheel in the middle of the street. Therefore Little Italy is a very diverse place just a few blocks long, and so much to do and see.



  • Chinatown Bubble Tea and Markets

4 PM

Have not tasted Bubble Tea ever? ChaTime is the BEST Bubble Tea anyone could have ever tasted! Bubble Tea is absolutely amazing and very addicting. Lemon Juice, Lemon Black Tea, Lemon Chamomile Tea, Grape, and Strawberry Slush are highly recommended for starters. Bubble Tea is very affordable ranging from 4 to 6 $ and is worth the buy. Going onto the markets nearby, there are many hidden underground stores that sell Korean, Chinese, Japanese, beauty products, skin care products, office supplies, school supplies, home décor, kitchen supplies and so much more. The items in these stores are very much affordable ranging from 1$ ! yes, ONE dollar to 20$. With just 20$ you can get a great deal. These stores are Elizabeth Center and Kam Man Supermarket 2nd floor.


  • Karaoke: K-One Karaoke Bar


Ending the night at K One Karaoke Bar open till 4am. A great place to spend time with a group of people, with a casual ambiance. The bar offers a full bar and karaoke is provided as well. If you’re not a singer, they also provide ways to entertain yourself such as dices and cards. The karaoke bar also sells a wide variety of food and beverages.



City Rooms NYC SoHo:  4 Star Hotel

120 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013

99$ per night

Wi-Fi & Air Conditioner


Wyndham Garden China Town: 4 Star Hotel

93 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

116$ per night

Wi-Fi, Air Conditioner, Laundry service, Business center and Paid parking.






Union Square Holiday Market






36 hours in Shanghai, China (Janice Guo)

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Google Maps

Experience the past, present, and future as you roam through the streets and alleys of this major developing city.

Retreived from http://shine.city/single/assets/i/travels/img-list-travels-05.jpg

Panoramic aerial view of city center (Retrieved from http://shine.city/single/assets/i/travels/img-list-travels-05.jpg)

From the 400 year-old garden created during the Ming Dynasty to the triple towers kissing the clouds, Shanghai is a culturally rich global financial hub which offers something for everyone.  The city is split in two by the HuangPu River, separating the colonial and traditional side from the futuristic and sky-scraping district. Architecture, culinary, and even the population easily gives tourists a taste of what China is made of.


A Breakfast for the Champs 09:00 AM

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, a walking tour to try what the Chinese have for breakfast is a must. Wu Ji Bai Huo Dian serves up 山东煎饼 (Shang Dong Jian Bing), a hot and fresh Chinese breakfast crepe, since the early morning. “Shang Dong” is another province in China just north of Shanghai, but due to the extreme migration throughout the land, many parts of different culture is diffused with another. 5 RMB ($0.75 USD) allows one to experience an egg scrambled on top of a crispy pancake, stuffed with cilantro, scallions, crispy sheet, chili, and Chinese seafood sauce.

Sesame Paste Noodle (Retrieved from http://www.smartshanghai.com/uploads/articles/older/flyer1300776704.jpg)

After a short walk allowing some digestion, the smell of fragrant sesame from Wei Xiang Zhai draws you in for some sesame paste noodles. Order up front and snatch a seat inside as there are no hosts or servers in these street side restaurants. 麻酱面 (Ma Jiang Mian) is a must order dish with noodles mixed in a nutty and sweet sesame paste. The cheap price of 10 RMB ($1.50 USD) gives you the experience of “fast food” in Shanghai.

Next stop down the same road is a place where locals say is a must go for 生煎包 (Sheng Jian Bao), also known as pan fried dumplings. Due to its fame along with it’s history of over 80 years, Da Hu Chun is a “reason to come to Shanghai” even according to the locals. Dumplings are stuffed with shrimp or pork and placed on top of a hot grill for a crunchy char flavored bottom with a soft dough and sesame top.

Blast to the Past 11:00 AM

Amazing examples of culture from the Ming Dynasty (Retrieved from http://images.boomsbeat.com/data/images/full/15988/10-jpg.jpg)

Built for his parents in the year 1577, Pan Yun Duan wanted their old age to be filled with tranquility and happiness in this garden. That is exactly what 豫园 Yu Garden provides to it’s visitors. The garden spans over 20,000 square meters, filled with ancient architectural buildings and strategically placed fengshui ponds. One visit would not be complete without seeing the Exquisite Jade Rock, known for it’s intriguing and mysterious qualities. If a joss stick is lit under the rock,the smoke will float out from each hole. Similar with water being poured on top, the liquid will flow out from all crevices. Admission costs 40 RMB ($7.00 USD).

Pearly Skies 13:00 / 01:00 PM

For lunch, partake in a western styled buffet amidst a rotating restaurant located in one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. 298 RMB ($50.00 USD) is a single person entry fee into the lunch buffet, but also covers free visit of the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, including all three spheres and the Municipal History Museum. Being one of the three tallest skyscrapers in Shanghai, Oriental Pearl Tower is located in the PuDong District. Take a double decker elevator up to the highest sphere, also known as the Space Module, and take in the panoramic view of the entire city. Visit the Municipal History for a look into China’s past, through farm life and even the opium era.

 River Spirits 16:00 / 04:00 PM

Neon lit boat floating along neon lit skylines (Retrieved from http://www.mildchina.com/imagetour/huangpurivercruise.jpg)

Board the wharf on the HuangPu side of the river just in time for a sunset buffet dinner on top the Pu Jiang River Cruise. The immense and beautiful four leveled boat with the accents of a dragon will take it’s passengers on a scenic ride down the river and back to the wharf in an interval of about 80 minutes. Passengers will dine alongside brightly lit architectural buildings from different centuries and styles, exhibiting the change that each time era brought upon Shanghai. Once the sun sets, passengers will watch as the city turns on their lights in the night time.

Window Shopping 17:30 / 05:30 PM

Times Square-esque pedestrian shopping road (Retrieved from http://www.chinatourguide.com/china_photos/shanghai/Attractions/shanghai_nanjing_road_night.jpg)

The wharf is located right by The Bund, which is the waterfront area facing the HuangPu River. Pedestrians may walk along side The Bund for panoramic pictures of the PuDong skyline. With the neon lit buildings reflecting on the river’s steady waves, it truly is an amazing scene. After, walk down 南京路 (Nan Jing Pedestrian Road) towards People’s Square and experience the hundreds of stores lined up on both sides of the streets. Shoppers can wander safely as no vehicles are allowed into this road. Store options vary widely from souvenirs to modern cuisine. Without even purchasing anything, visitors will experience the hectic yet peaceful atmosphere this area gives.

Circus Act 19:30 / 07:30 PM

Acrobatic shows to Shanghai is like Broadway plays to New York City. ERA Shanghai is one of the top most attended shows in Shanghai, located in Shanghai Circus World. Tickets start from 150 RMB ($22 USD). With the act named Intersection of Time, viewers are given a tour through the times of Shanghai, all through the performer’s acrobatic talents.



Chinese Venice 09:00 AM

Ancient water-town in the midst of busy Shanghai (Retrieved from http://www.sinotour.com.cn/uploadfile/2015/1215/20151215123138619.jpg)

Travel back in time with 七宝 (Qi Bao) , a water-town located near the city center of Shanghai. Built around one thousand years ago, many of it’s buildings, streets, and bridges are still preserved alongside some new additions added recently. Qi Bao translated in Chinese means seven treasures, which is named after a legend of seven treasures being nearby. Two of those treasures have survived throughout history, and visitors can admire them in this town. Start off with a boat ride down the river, where the guide pushes everyone aboard with a long bamboo stick. Enjoy some tasty cultural snacks offered in many of the shops lining the streets. Visitors can also purchase many authentic gifts at their souvenir shop, for example Chinese art crafts and Calligraphy.

Oh My Buddha 12:00 PM

Jade is a precious stone to the Chinese. 玉佛禅寺 (Yu Fo Chan Si) Jade Buddha Temple was rebuilt during 1928 after it was destroyed during the revolution. Luckily, the statues were saved. Without having to be Buddhist, anyone may visit the temple to view the intricately designed temple and statues. Carved from white jade, both statues are beautifully crafted and painted with meaning and consideration. Allow your senses to witness the atmosphere inside the temple with the monk’s chants paired with their instrument use, while breathing in the aroma of incense.

French Concession 13:00 / 01:00 PM

Outdoor cafe seating (Retrieved from http://blog.absolutechinatours.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/tianzifang7.jpg)

田子坊 (Tian Zi Fang), also known as the French Concession, is a maze-like area filled with artsy and vintage businesses. Due to the French invasion of Shanghai, Tian Zi Fang exhibits the influence of the French culture in this area, with it’s narrow stone paved streets and closely packed buildings. Nowadays, upcoming artists and cafe owners fill this district, providing goods and services unique to this attraction. Pick any cafe that litter the maze and have some lunch. Walk around taking in the cultural and vintage art offered, such as modern day paintings of the first communist leader Mao Ze Dong. Do some last minute shopping, or shop for souvenirs that will not be found anywhere else but here.



Narada Boutique Hotel  is an inexpensive hotel located a short walking distance from the Yu Garden. Family and business friendly, the hotel offers full amenities for the comfort of it’s guests. Also located in the center of the city, many landmarks are accessible through walking or a short taxi ride. Reviewed with excellent service and care for the hotel, booking through a third party website such as Kayak provides the best deal this hotel can offer, for as low as $86 USD per night.

Planning Your Trip

Flying from New York         December       January       February

Nonstop                                   $914                $1231               $907

One-Stop                                 $819                 $807                $642




Special Thanks to Lin Yue Yuan, Guo Xiang Ying.



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Culinary Tourism, Central Park

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Prof. Goodlad HMGT1101

36 Hours in Central Park

Ananllely Segura

The New York City College of Technology


Central Park

In a City like ours there always much to do and definitely enough to eat. Now in an urban park 2.5 miles long, Central park Located North of 110th street to Central Park South on 59th street what better place to go on your very own culinary tour extravaganza. There are many food shops and places to dine in and around the park, but only a few can give you the best experiences in hospitality possible. While most people come to the city to enjoy its multi cultural ambiance it is key to indulge in the city’s unique culinary world. As for Central Park it is one of the main attractions the city has to offer bringing both entertainment and food together for an eventful 36 hours.

Sarabeth’s Central Park South

To start off our weekend, it is now friday at around and what better place to go for after a good morning walk through central park than Sarabeth’s Central Park South. At Sarabeth’s the ambiance is more than welcoming as well as being known as the legendary brunch spot. As food and beverage their menu is exactly what one needs to start off the day. The menu consists of their famous omelette which contains leeks, potatoes, bacon and gruyere as well as the basket of a variety of muffins, the pumpkin muffin being the most favored. Sarabeth also takes on a the traditional take on the French Toast which you can either choose to have the regular or almond crusted with cherry berry sauce or even apple cinnamon topped with bananas. As for their beverage menu the Four Flours Juice is highly recommended. Although the prices at Sarabeth’s are a bit high considering what you choose to order which may range from $17.00 to $28.00. As for their service it is known to be above average due to the way they tend to their clientele needs. The name says it all as for the location of Sarabeth’s Central Park South located on 40 Central park South.

Mariachi Loco

Lets spice up your friday afternoon! Now Continuing on to the next Restaurant on our culinary tour we go on to the usually busy mexican restaurant Mariachi Loco, it is a strip mall like space with good service and great food. Mariachi Loco’s menu consists of burritos, enchiladas, tacos and of course gauc depending if you ask for it. The price of this restaurant is usually $25.00 for two people of course it depends what you decide to order. This amazing mexican restaurant is located 394 Central Park ave.

Jams at Hotel Central Park

Now after you’ve enjoyed and received the great services of some of central park’s restaurants we continue onto Jams at hotel Central Park, this can save you time and money if you are deciding on staying at Hotel Central Park why not go to this one with a restaurant in it already, you may even choose this as your go to regarding the convenience. Jams at Hotel Central Park has cali inspired vibe to it, it invites you to a very welcoming and enthusiastic environment. The menu at Jams changes according to the season. The spring menu is fantastic, where as for food and beverage they serve you Grilled Shad roe with tatsoi which in other words is fresh spring fish with greens, they also include spring lamb which can be cooked in three ways. As for beverage they are most known for their counter culture coffee. The price ranges from $30.00 and under. Jams is located on 1414 and 6th ave.

Shake Shack

No that you’ve indulged and taken in all of what friday’s events in and around central park have to offer you’ll want to end your busy day on a more familiar note. Shake shack is known for a its mini chain like restaurant business where the ambiance is local, usually busy yet chilled environment. As for Food and Beverage you can indulge in the Shack burger which is said to be “truly and flawlessly perfect” and choose from a variety of shakes. The price ranges between $3.00 to $5.00. This Shake Shack is located on 152 e 86th st.

BG Restaurant

To Continue our weekend it is now for a lively saturday after a more populated walk through or around central park you go on to doing some shopping. Now if you shop at Bergdorf Goodman you are in luck because it has its own BG Restaurant, again you don’t have to shop there to eat there. BG restaurant’s ambiance is great and is full of great views of central park, how relaxing to view your main visitation area as you take a break from actually visiting it. G restaurant’s menu includes lunch and tea or Cocktails and dinner, they also have a delectable vanilla creme brulee for dessert. There are also many wines to choose from if you really want to go into the wine and dine experience. The price range for this restaurant can be $31.00 to $50.00. BG Restaurant is located on 754 5th ave.

Harry Cipriani

You’ve gone fancy and you can’t get enough, after really taking in central park some more you’ll love Harry Cipriani. The ambiance of Harry Cipriani gives off a fashionista vibe as well as welcoming with great sharp service. The menu at this restaurant includes many italian classics, you can enjoy eggplant alla parmigian or you can choose from their variety of sandwiches such as the hamburger alla cipriani, with side dishes to choose from like french fries, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes and more. The price range for Cipriani’s is up to $35.00 for entrees. This fancy and hospitable restaurant experience is located at 59th st and 5th ave in the Sherry Netherland Hotel which you can also take a look at to use as one of your Hotel choices.

Marea Restaurant

Continuing your fancy saturday culinary tour at the Marea restaurant where the ambiance has a very seascape high end and elegant environment. The menu at Marea is a seafood meets italian cuisine type menu. The menu includes Agnolotti which is a braised short rib with promodoro, kale or if you want to go for a bigger choice of meal you can indulge in the strozzapreti which is the jumbo lump crab sea urchin w basil. As for drinks if your up to it they have the classic bloody mary made with belvedere vodka. The price range for this amazing seafood/italian cuisine restaurant is from $25.00 to $54.00. Marea is located on 240 Central park South. A great way to end your extravagant saturday.

Root and Bone

Now your weekend has come to an end and you’ve been in and out of central park more than you can count or even keep track of, it is now your favorite place due to your new favorite places to eat that are so conveniently close but you are looking for a more chilled sunday evening after all the shopping you’ve done. Root and Bone is next on your hit list and its casual elevated experience comes together extremely well with your now homey familiar environment. The menu at Root and Bone allows you to enjoy american dim sum which is a style of chinese cuisine prepared with small bite size portions served on small plates. You can enjo their choice of souther foods such as grandma daisy’s angel biscuits and for dessert you can have the most recommended pumpkin pie to end your homey comfortable dining experience. The price range for root and Bone is $27.00. Root and Bone is located on 200 e 3rd st.

Parkwest Cafe and Deli

To end your chilled sunday afternoon and culinary tour around central park you can head on to Parkwest Cafe and Deli, the more local and busy spot, and although it is busy they have a fine respect of hospitality. This Cafe/Deli offers a variety of sandwiches such as the most popular pastrami sandwich. They have a great breakfast menu as well if you rather start off your sunday this way. The prices depending on what you choose to order yet it is most inexpensive ranging at about $25.00. Parkwest Cafe and Deli says it all in the name the location is 477 central park west.

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Photo credits: http://sarabethsrestaurants.com/central-park-south/









36 Hours in Staten Island, New York

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                                 By MATTHEW TOBJY        Dec. 6, 2016

                                              Staten Island:  full of history, culture, and tradition. It is often know as the forgotten borough by residents, but has much to offer.

Staten Island satellite view

Staten Island satellite view








                                          Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City is also known as              the borough of parks. Out of the five boroughs, this is the most suburban part of the city that you can probably find. It has much to offer, even though it is often overlooked by tourists and some New Yorkers themselves. There is good shopping at the local mall, excellent restaurants, some of which the chefs have appeared on The Food Network, and a great comfortable home feeling.

36 Hours in Staten Island: Here is a map of all the places I recommend to visit while on Staten Island


  1. Historic Richmond Town, 2pm.

Historic Richmond Town, located in the middle of Staten Island in the town of Oakwood Heights, hold a rich history that can be traced back to the mid 1600s. Take a tour of the town between 1 and 5pm and see how people lived before the era of technology. Here you will see how people survived during these times by seeing how they made their own food, picked their food, made their clothes, etc. Admission is $8 for adults. This is highly recommended because it will take you back to the simpler times. Want to get an experience that will make you feel like you are in the 1600s? Take a candlelight tour of the town in December and meet the employees that will reenact the christmas season in the colonial age.


Photo creds: Matthew Tobjy

2. St. Andrew’s Church, 3pm.

St. Andrew’s Church, founded in 1708 by Rev. Aeneas Mackenzie, holds a lot of history because in the 18th century in Staten Island, the population was mostly Dutch and French. The amount of history that this church has been through is incredible. It played a major part in the Revolutionary War because British troops camped on the property and the church was used as a hospital. Some residents believe that the church is haunted saying that they’ve heard drums playing from one of the British drummer boys that is buried at this site. You can walk the grounds if you please and take a look at the years on the tombstones, it is simply amazing! If you find yourself in this area around Halloween, the church puts on a fright night tour where they have actors recreate a haunted theme and you, the visitor, walk through for a thrill.

3. Conference House Park, 4pm.

Conference House Park, is home to another historical site on Staten Island, the Conference House, located in the Tottenville section on the island. Public tours are available for $4, or you can schedule a private tour of the estate. This is a very historical spot because on September 11, 1776, some Continental Congress representatives met with the British kings representatives to discuss terms for independence, but the British denied them because they didn’t think independence was a negotiable term. Therefore both parties of the discussion left facing war in the future. Visiting the Conference House around Christmas time is a nice activity to do. It is decorated for the season and they hold events around this time of year.

4. Angelina’s Ristorante, 6pm.

Angelina’s Ristorante  is an upscale Italian restaurant that is high end with a beautiful view. The restaurant holds weddings and all kinds of events which are exquisite. A dish that is a must to try is the Pollo Valdostano for $26. It is a chicken breast stuffed with ham and mozzarella cheese in a cognac and porcini mushroom sauce and truffle infused. It is absolutely amazing! There are a variety of Italian dishes that make you feel at home, but with an upscale twist. The food served at this restaurant is what most Italian Staten Islanders make at home, from tomato sauce, fresh pasta, and more. Make sure you make a reservation because it is always filled with regulars.

Photo creds: Matthew Tobjy

Photo creds: Matthew Tobjy








  1. Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens, 10am.

This Botanical garden is a hidden secret in Staten Island. It is absolutely beautiful and full of nature and beauty. Take a stroll throughout the land, which is vast and take in all that there is to offer. Coming here to sit down on a bench and enjoy the beautiful sites is a great start to your day. There is a farm in the botanical gardens that from June- November has a farm stand where people can come to buy locally grown food and see what the gardens have produced. The land is full of culture from performing arts, visual arts, and a Chinese scholar garden. Located on the property is also a children’s museum that has a lot to offer.


Photo creds: Snug Harbor

Photo creds: Snug Harbor







2. Staten Island Zoo, 12pm.

The Staten Island Zoo, which is famous for “Staten Island Chuck” who comes out each Groundhogs Day to indicate if spring is coming sooner or later. They have an array of animal exhibits from repitles, birds, otters, and a lot more. It is so much fun too see all of these animals in a place you would never expect tot see them, New York. There is a petting zoo, where you can pet the goats and other animals as well. You are sure to spend a good amount of time here, so a cafe is in the zoo so you can grab some lunch then go on your way to see more animals. Admission is $10 for adults, with reduced rates for seniors and children.

3. Alice Austen House, 4pm.

The Alice Austen House is the house of one of America’s earliest female photographer’s. Through her life, she captures approximately 8,000 photos, some which are able to be viewed at the house now. Alice Austen was a artist in every way, she loved to take photos and she was also a landscape designer. Along with being one of the first female photographers in America, she was the first woman to own a car in Staten Island. Most of her photos were candid pictures of daily life on Staten Island. A lot of the photos can now be seen on the website. The admission is about $3 and the grounds are open until dusk.

4. Giovanni’s Trattoria, 7pm.

Giovanni’s Trattoria is a small, but amazing Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is very nice and cozy and you can tell that the staff works great together and now around Christmas it is absolutely beautiful inside. The executive chef, Alessandro Colizza, is straight from Italy and makes homemade pizza in a woodturning brick oven. The pizza is so authentic to Italy with a thin crust, but they make the pizza an oblong shape in 18″ or 29″ pies. The small 14″ pie is good as a personal pizza. They have a variety of classical Italian dishes as well from Chicken Parmesan to Chicken marsala and so much more. The choices for pizza are endless, and my favorite was the Pizza al Metro with shrimp, pesto, and fresh tomatoes. Definitely make a reservation as it gets busy very quickly on a Saturday night.

Photo creds: Matthew Tobjy

Photo creds: Matthew Tobjy










  1. Staten Island Lighthouse, 9am.

Staten Island Lighthouse, towering 141 feet above sea level, is very unique to Staten Island. The lighthouse is deigned very ruggedly for a city scene and went into operation in the year of 1912. The beam from the lighthouse can be seen for 21 miles. In 1992, it was taken over by a caretaker who loved lighthouses and he took care of it until he came down with medical problems and had to step down. A keepers dwelling was built 150 feet from the lighthouse and connected to the lighthouse itself. The top of the lighthouse can only be seen from houses nearby, but the beams of light aids ships coming to the Ambrose Channel and the Swash Channel. The keepers dwelling is now a private residence.

2. Beans and Leaves Cafè, 11am.

Beans and Leaves  is very popular on Staten Island for their unique waffles with toppings. You can get anything from S’mores waffle to a Cap’n Crunch waffle. Once you get a waffle you can take a picture of it and post it on social media with the hashtag “#postyoutbeans.” They were voted Staten Islands Best Coffee Shop of 2015 according to their Instagram page. Waffles run anywhere from $7.50 and up. This will sure fill you up as you are about to finish your journey on Staten Island!

3. Staten Island Museum, 12pm.

The Staten Island Museum located on the northern tip of the island in St. George. The history in this museum traces back to 1881 and covers history of this region from the past 150 years. There are 3 locations, this one, a location in Snug Harbor, and another location in Snug Harbor for the history center and archives. The museum connects the natural sciences, arts, and history based on the collections that they have. Admission is $8 for adults with reduced prices or seniors, children, and groups.

Photo creds: Staten Island Museum

Photo creds: Staten Island Museum








Hilton Garden Inn New York/ Staten Island 

Room rate: $179 per night

There is a complimentary shuttle service to and from the Staten Island Ferry, Newark International Airport, and Bayonne Cruise Port.

Hampton Inn & Suites Staten Island, New York Hotel

Room rate: $149 per night

There is complimentary shuttle service to and from the Staten Island Ferry and Newark International Airport. Shuttle to and from Bayonne Cruise Port must be booked when making reservation.

Transportation nearby: Use local MTA city buses or Staten Island Railway to get across the island.



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36 Hour in Manhattan, 59th Street and Below

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View of New York City, https://www.hiusa.org/hostels/new-york/new-york/new-york-city


By Kaylah Bilal

The City where dreams and ideas come alive. The City where nothing is impossible. The place to be any time of the year. The City that never sleeps. On every avenue, a creative mind waiting to show you their worth. The place to experience multiple ethnicity at once. New York City is the place to be.

View of New York City, https://www.hiusa.org/hostels/new-york/new-york/new-york-city


  1. Let the night begin, 6:30pm

Just getting into town? This late? Not trying to waste a day. Well get your first exclusive look at New York City by visiting Grand Central Station. Grand Central Station became what it is today because of the various railroads that thrived throughout the city. The station started back in 1871, based off the idea that people didn’t want any pollution from the trains to pass 42nd street and into their backyards. Besides it being a terminal, Grand Central comes with retail stores, dining features, and markets to explore. Start at E.A.T Gifts. Get all the souvenirs out the way. Gifts ranging from $10-$30. Gifts that are useful and simple. If you have a  sweet tooth like so then stop by Zaro’s Family Bakery for some late night dessert ranging from bagels to cakes.


  1. Ready to be a New Yorker, 8am

Hop on that transit and take a ride down to Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. Where they sell fresh baked pastries. Get a variety of donuts to fill your tummy with. This shop has been a great contribute to the city going on 60 years now. They use their own original recipes and has been keeping that tradition ever since they were founded back around the 1950’s. They were considered one of the greatest donut shops in America by Tastemade. This little shops completes your morning with positive energy and delicious treats. Go for the plain glazed donut, the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and nice cup of brewed coffee. That will ensure you it’s worth the wait.

  1. Ride of history, 10 am

After breakfast, Take the G train down to Hoyt street to visit the New York Transit Museum. This museum is one of the quickest ways to learn about how New York Transit in a short amount of time. I recommend anyone and everyone to make a trip here. The price ranges from $5-10. The museum brings to light facts that new yorkers have no knowledge about. To understand New York City is to understand our transit system because without it the city wouldn’t have the amount of diversity and creativity it has today.

  1. The infamous library, 3pm

Everyone loves a good book to cuddle up with on a cold day, but what book? Check out the New York Public Library , the one located on 5th avenue and 42nd street. This library ranges from millions of material to enjoy. A great place to read up on history. They have documents dating back to 1939, according to https://www.nypl.org . They have over 90 locations throughout New York City. Books are free of charge to read and free to remove from the library with your very own library card. Let’s all thank James Lenox for this beautiful creations.

  1. The Rinks, 5:30pm

After a good read walk around the corner to the famous Bryant Park. Refuel at Bryant Park Cafe to get the body moving for the next event. In the fall and winter season, Bryant park in very best known for their Bank of America Winter Village, in other words their ice skating rink. prices goes from $20 – free if you bring your own skates. This experience creates a great opportunity for interacting with new yorkers and being apart of the diversity that is here in New York City, where everyone and anyone can skate together. By skating in Bryant Park you will

get a beautiful yet educational experience rather than just having fun.  

Up View of Bryant Park skating rink, http://cdn.newsday.com/polopoly_fs/1.9525961.1479753259!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/display_1004/image.jpg

  1. Wind Down, 9pm

How does a Diner and a movie sound? Well check out Syndicated for a 9 o’clock unforgettable experience. Part dining and part theatre. A calm way to end the night. This theatre is creating history by putting two fundamentals together. The theatre showings are based around the season and holidays. Ticket prices start as low as $3. The theatre menu ranges from breakfast items like french toast sticks ~ $9 to snacks like popcorn for $6. They also have a bar that comes with select wines $6-12 and cocktails $12. A calm night for everyone.

Syndicated Theatre menu, http://syndicatedbk.com/theater-menu/


  1. The night is still young, Midnight, 12am

Last night in town? No problem. Stop by the Fraunces Tavern for a late night exploration. The Fraunces Tavern is a restaurant and museum. Try a 14 oz Prime NY Strip for $37. Not in the mood for a meal? Get the Tavern Cheese Board ~ $15 and pair it with their French Press Coffee ~ $4.50. The Museum closes at 5pm but the restaurant closes at 2am. The visit to the tavern is to experience the variety of crafted beers they have to offer. Their beer prices ranges from $4-48 based on quality. A nice pint to put you to sleep.

  1. You still up, 6:35am

One thing people do enjoy is the sunrise. Take a walk through the Brooklyn Bridge , and watch “the city that never sleeps”, wake up and start their day or watch them end their day. This last journey is free of charge and worth every moment.


Brooklyn Bridge sunrise. https://johnbatdorff.com/workshops/new-york-city-photography-workshop/


Stay at the Marriott Hotel located at New York Marriott at The Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. You can book through a third party for a rate of $169 a night for the month of December. A ten minute walk to the brooklyn bridge and a four minute walk to A, C, F, N, R, W, 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains.






Bank of America Winter Village



New York Transit Museum

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop.

36 Hours under 59 street (Xinwen Liang Angela)

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36 Hours in Manhattan,
Below 59th Street
The famous city – small land with big dreams – in the center of the city
Manhattan is one of the busiest city in the world, during the rush hours, people are all on top of each other in the stations and subways. It is a place filled with stories and dream, every New Yorker is on their ways to achieve their American dreams. If you drive a car into the city, you probably have to be stuck for a while no matter what time it is. New York City is the “City that never sleeps”.

1. South Ferry 3 P.M
Begin the journey at South Ferry, the southern tip of Manhattan connecting to other ferries that go to Statue of Liberty, Government Island, and Ellis Island. The name of South Ferry came from one of the boats at the station, which goes to Manhattan to Staten Island. The South Ferry is run by South Ferry Company, it was created and establish on May 16, 1836, to solve the problem of lacking access to the northern parts of the Manhattan. The South Ferry offers free rides for anyone, while on the ferry it passes by the island and Statue of Liberty.
2.Fulton Street Station 5 P.M
The Fulton Center is constructed right above the Fulton Street subway station, it is a transit center build together with retails complex. The building was constructed by the MTA transit company using 1.4 billion USD and took 7 years to build opening at 2014. The structure of the building is very new and photogenic, the ceiling is glass structure which allows natural lighting and creates a cool virtual affect.
3. The Freeman Ally 7 P.M
An ally fill with graffiti and symbols represented the freedom and the future, a short walk into the tip without any distractions. Walls are filled with American vintage style graffitis, making visitor surrounded by trend and allows infinite imaginations. A unique American restaurant located at the end of the “The Freeman Ally,” which also name “Freemans”. Walking in the first thing that would be standing out are the animal head specimens, mostly deer head with necks. A bar located right at the entrance facing the dining area, fill with a vintage trend and small white flowers. A staircase to the second floor located right in between the divider to another dining area also with a bar. They have variously of cocktails with all the same price at 15 dollars, wines are also served from 11 dollars to 16 dollars. The “Hot Artichoke Dip” is a very famous starter, with a house special dip with crispy bread pieces.
4. Bar 9P.M
When it comes the night, a whiskey bar would be something interesting. An old-timey setting whiskey bar is located right at the corner of Chrystie Street, which could be seen right out of “The Freeman Ally”. The name of the whiskey bar calls “Leave Rochelle Out Of It,” with a very affordable cost for everyone. At a Monday night, it is a calm and soft place for relaxing the soul and body. A shot of taste of whiskey would be a perfect for a night at New York City, feeling the quiet from the noise.
5. Late night dessert 10 P.M
After the whiskey, an ice-cream dessert would be a great way to end the night. Back to “The Freeman Ally,” but without going into the ally, there is a glass window with blue lining ice-cream place next to it name “Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream.” The famous black ice-cream is a must-try at the place, it is the coconut ash tasted like sweet milky coconut flavor. Cost around 5 dollars for a scoop in a cup or waffle cone, and 50 cents for additional sweet toppings.
6. Jack’s wife Freda 10 A.M
Start the day with American-Mediterranean brunch place, surrounded by the classic American theme. The “Green Shakshuka” is what people always come for to try, serve with two baked eggs their special green tomatillo shakshuka sauce and a toast to dip. Another that is recommended to try is the “Madame Freda,” a pressed sandwich with duck meat inside the two piece of bread and a sunny egg right on the top serving with a salad on the side. If lucky, you might see a celebrity there. The cost of a meal for each person would be around 16 dollars.

Jack's wife Freda

Photo credit: Xinwen Liang

7. Very Gallery NOON
There are many art galleries in Soho, the “Eden Fine Art” features a modern, dynamic, and an open space experience for the viewers. There are artworks from many different artists, and most of it would be available to buy. Then right across the street, there is the “AFA gallery” that presents conceptual animation art with layers of symbolism. Out the door walking a block down there would the “Brooke Alexander Gallery,” where some of the significant history exhibitions are in it. At the same block, there is the “West Broadway Gallery,” exhibit realism and abstraction artwork from many different artists.

Eden Fine Art

Photo credit: Xinwen Liang

8. Lining Dessert 3 P.M
The famous Dominique Ansel Bakery is right at Spring Street next to a park, upon approaching it might already having a line for the dessert. The Cronut begins to sell at morning from 7 a.m, at this time it might be sold out already, but don’t miss the Cookie Shot. The Cookie Shot starts to sell around 3 p.m of each day, so at 3 p.m the line for the Cookie Shot is the shortest. It cost around 6 dollars just for one, but it is worth the try.
9. Spaghetti Curve 7 P.M
For the night there is an amazing spaghetti place named “Sant Ambroeus,” it is a modern Italian restaurant that has cute plates as their wall decorations. The inner lighting of the place is very dark and warm environment, very suitable for dating. The “Spaghetti Neri Alla Carbonara” would be a great plate to try, serves a black ink spaghetti with braised leeks, pancetta, and a poached egg. This restaurant is more on the pricey side, but just an order of the entree would good to fill.

Sant Ambroeus

Photo credit: Xinwen Liang

10. Whitney Museum of American Art 11 A.M
The famous Whitney Museum of American Art would be a place that fills your phone gallery. It gave the viewers a very special viewing experience, featuring different exhibitions. The exhibitions are only available at a certain time, so the next trip here might something new again. The museum offers online tickets purchase at price 22 dollars for adults, 17 dollars for seniors and students.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Photo credit: Genvi Cai

Living at a Soho hotel could be very convenient to travel to places, the Nomo Hotel (http://www.nomosoho.com/)would be a great choice. The front yard of the hotel is a great place for photos, and sometimes people comes to front yard just to take photo and lunch. Just a few walk to the train station that connects you to N and R train. Starts at around 300 dollars for a night.

Map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kth0t4Aj6NGWf5oEefzhRKCX984&usp=sharing


Fulton station: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulton_Center

Freemans: http://www.freemansrestaurant.com/

Leave Rochelle Out Of It: http://www.rochellesnyc.com/

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream: http://www.morgensternsnyc.com/

Jack’s wife Freda: http://jackswifefreda.com/

Eden Fine Art: http://www.eden-gallery.com/gallery/nyc-soho/ 

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West Broadway Gallery: http://www.westbroadwaygallery.com/ 

Dominique Ansel Bakery: http://dominiqueansel.com/ 

Sant Ambroeus: http://www.santambroeus.com/index.html 

Whitney Museum of American Art: http://whitney.org/?gclid=CjwKEAiAvZTCBRDvnoOaoa2j3xISJABxPjN9MKJwWmmdCZHCALM3CNUU1MJ0-4t4reSathDv8EFW5hoCrYTw_wcB 

NoMo hotel: http://www.nomosoho.com/?gclid=CjwKEAiAvZTCBRDvnoOaoa2j3xISJABxPjN9VLm2n2dzO3dP-XVNJNikhlyARgJiHmYBWP9SJe76qhoCAinw_wcB