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Ginaira Sanabria- Top of the Rock Observation Deck

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The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is a view of the very best of New York; Manhattan. Not only does the Observation Deck attract it’s own New Yorkers, but as well as plenty of tourists. “The 67th floor has indoor and outdoor spaces. The 69th is outdoors, protected by safety-glass wind panels, with a 360-degree view. The 70th floor, the old ocean-liner deck, is open to the elements. Since Rockefeller Center is smack in the middle of town, the view is panoramic yet detailed. You see everything: Times Square, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, the East and Hudson Rivers, the George Washington Bridge, the Statue of Liberty (sometimes) — and, oh, yes, the Empire State Building (right).” The Top of the Rock gives the view every tourist wants to see, the view of every amazing thing in the City ; thus it being the perfect destination.


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