36 Hours Under 59th St

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36 hours under 59th St.

Genesis Herrera



12:00 pm: Bryant park ice rink something that many people don’t know is that this beautiful ice rink is transformed from a grassy landscape into a beautiful land in two weeks every year. Entrance is free and if you bring your own skated you do not have to pay anything at all you can of course rent skates if you don’t have any skates and it costs $20.00 you can also get express skate which means you don’t have to wait on the line at all and you can just go right in. It is a great experience to this especially if you want to try something new for the first time or just for fun you just have to be careful.

3:00pm: if you are in the mood for a light snack that is delicious and full of flavor and don’t want to waste to much money Fried Dumpling Chinese dumpling joint is the place to go they have amazing dumplings and they cost 5 for $1.25

5:00pm a refreshing cup of Vivi bubble tea is always good with all their different flavors and toppings of bubbles, grass jelly, coconut jelly, pudding etc. my personal favorite is Peach Pulp tea with coconut jelly.

7:00pm After a long day when you are getting hungry a great place to eat is Cutting Board the food has great taste and very inexpensive a must try for appetizers are here is the Fried Crispy Calamari and Cheese Fries on Board. After that another good thing to try would be Teriyaki Chicken Udon Soup especially in this cold weather it will be delicious or even Linguine with Seafood and for desert a green tea molten chocolate cake with ice-cream tops the meal off. A dinner for two is about $40.


9:00pm: What is the best way to end the night than by going to an arcade and having a good time challenging people to beat your scores in games in Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center. Its great place to go with friends and have fun and to be able to win prizes. It stays open till 2 in the morning so you can stay there for a while especially if you like this kind of stuff.



8:00am: start off with a breakfast at Denny’s with the Cinnamon Pancake Breakfast with a big glass of orange juice to get energy to have a great day and relax while you are there and enjoy your meal. Breakfast for one is about $10

12:00am: Continue your day with a nice long walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and see the beautiful scenery of NYC. See all of the little stands that are by the bridge and enjoy all the different cultures that you are experiencing in a small place with so many different people. When you get to the end of the Brooklyn bridge you can then go to the Brooklyn Waterfront and explore it and enjoy everything that there is around there like the carousel and take a seat on the grass and have a small picnic its cold but not to cold to enjoy something like that especially if you are with friends.

5:00: A trip to NYC is not complete if you do not go to Time Square and enjoy all the lights especially at night when everything looks like a magical place and the red steps which are always shown.



4:00pm: Rockefeller Center go see the beautiful Christmas tree and window shop and just enjoy the December weather since it has not been cold at all. Enjoy a hot dog from a cart or a pretzel with a coffee.


9:00pm: For some time, people have talked about the Governors Island Hammock Grove and how it should also be in other parts of the city and it has come to be a reality there are now public hammocks in front of the Flatiron building they are large arches with LED lights that make them sine beautifully at night and make you see the city in a different perspective.





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