36 Hours in Manhattan’s Upper West Side

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36 Hours in Manhattan,

Upper West Side

By: Eduardo Sierra


New York City’s, Upper West Side is filled with some of the best restaurants and it gives off a positive unified neighborhood vibe that is hard to come by in such a busy city.

Skyline of the Upper West Side

New York City is known for its busy and hustling pedestrians, as well as the gargantuan skyscrapers that overlook the rest of the world.  The Upper West Side is separate from the rest of New York City it seems.  The Upper West Side has two of the most beautiful parks New York has to offer, Central and Riverside Park.


  1.  Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, 3pm

The Cathedral is a massive building with so many artistic touches on the facade and walls of the Cathedral.  It spans from 110th to 113th street on Amsterdam Avenue.  The architectural design is Romanesque Revival and Gothic Revival.  The material used is stone, granite and limestone.  It has a wonderful interior and holds services 30 times a week.  People of all faiths come to visit in awe and wonder to this magnificent Cathedral.

  1.  American Museum of Natural History, 6pm

The Upper West Side is an absolute melting pot of cultures and races and customs.  There are many innovative places that show how time is making New York City more and more futuristic and technologically superior, but few places take you back to where civilization started and how life was like in the past.  The exhibits show extinct animals, African mammals, and a Butterfly conservatory.  The Natural History Museum offers a walk through all different types of cultures and unifies all cultures within the exhibits.

  1.  Shun Lee West Chinese Restaurant, 9pm

To end the day on the Upper West Side few restaurants compare to the quality of Shun Lee’s authentic Chinese cuisine.  Shun Lee is famous for its Beijing Duck which is served with pancakes with scallion and hoisin sauce.  Shun Lee offers an elegant dining room with great decor and overall amazing food.



  1. Silver Moon Bakery Breakfast, 7:30am

Quite possibly the most iconic bakery on the Upper West Side, Silver Moon offers a wide variety of traditional breads, cakes, tarts, and pastries.  Silver Moon Bakery is a great way to start the day.

  1. Riverside Park Biking, 9:30am

The wondrous views of the Hudson River can be viewed best by bike riding along the bike path next to the river.  The view of New Jersey and the water is absolutely breathtaking. Not many views can compare to this.

  1. Nicholas Roerich Museum, 12pm

The Nicholas Roerich museum is a three floor townhouse that has a 200 art collection of Nicholas Roerich’s work.  Roerich is a Russian born artist, whose artwork consists of naturalistic scenes on the Himalayas.

  1. Central Park, 2pm

Central Park is the most visited park in the world and the most filmed park in the world.  This in itself shows how much of a wonderful place it is.  Central Park offers amazing views, different type of nature and animals, and seasonal activities for all kinds of people of all ages.

  1. The Mermaid Inn, 4pm

The Mermaid Inn is famous for its lobster rolls and deep fried oysters, making it an amazing place to have a late lunch.  The Mermaid Inn offers the classic New England staple dishes for New Yorkers craving that seafood shore experience.

  1. Shops at Columbus Circle, 6pm

Columbus Circle, shopping center is filled with different shop and stores and restaurants.  There are many different things to do inside.  Shop for clothes and enjoy a nice coffee and pastry from Bouchon.  The shops at the Columbus Circle shopping center is definitely worth visiting if fashion and pastry shops are your thing.

  1. Smoke Jazz Club and Lounge, 9pm

The Smoke Jazz Club and Lounge is a small place that has Jazz musicians play while offering a drinking and dining experience.  This place is elegant, but can crowded, so a reservation is highly suggested.  Despite the name, smoking is not allowed inside of the club.


  1. Absolute Bagels, 9am

Absolute Bagels is ABSOLUTELY delicious.  The lines that form in this place are just extremely long, but the wait is worth it.  The bagels are made fresh everyday and toasted to perfection.  Getting here early is crucial so you can get that perfectly crafted bagel and enjoy it inside with the limited seating.  

  1. Fireman’s Memorial, 12pm

This monument is sculpted beautifully and was dedicated on September 1913.  The city’s mayor and the fire commissioner, along with thousands of firefighters come to the memorial to honor their fellow comrades.  

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