36 hours in Brooklyn -Kiara Camacho

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36 hours in Brooklyn 


5pm: Go eat dinner at “La Villa”. 

Best pizza in the hippest place in Brooklyn; Park slope. La Villa has wide variety of Italian food, made freshly and delicious. They have many other locations that are decades old, and although the “La Villa” located at Park Slope was opened in the early 2000s, they are well experienced in what they do, you will feel the comfort and warmth of the family owned business the second you walk in. And theres no need to dress all fancy for a five star dinner, you can go in casual and certainly get that five star experience with a very reasonable price for high quality food, you definitely won’t spend more than $15 for a great meal.  


8pm: FRO-YO for dessert.

Located just 2 block a snack shop dishing up fresh & frozen yogurt, made on-site. This place is called “Culture” an american yogurt company. They are known for their fresh and natural ingredients, and having unlimited toppings, and flavors for a great price. It’s also located in front of a park, so once you grab your fro-yo and go for a calm walk to the park and relax in the turf, the swings, or even, just sit in a bench.


10pm: Bar-Hop! 

Park slope is famous for their pubs, and bars. There is legit a bar in almost every block of park slope. A basic neighborhood bar with a twist: this no-frills spot has a big craft beer offering that are usually hard to find & an appealing patio that are pet friendly! (located on the same block as culture) And its called “The Gate” . There are many places, especially bars that take “no pets allowed” very seriously, but not this place. With a great view and being able to bring your dog while having a drink, that is a great way to end your night right there. This place is also well known for their great vibes as soon as you walk in.



10am: Breakfast in the “New Apollos”

If you’re hungry for variety, The new Apollo Diner is the right choice. Their menu is very extensive, so there is something for everyone, even the picky eaters. They offer everything from perfectly made-to-order steaks, to authentic greek dishes and low calorie options for those traveling and still dieting, but if your looking for just plain ol’ breakfast, they offer almost every breakfast meal you can think of without clearing your bank accounts, The new Apollo has great prices for their food.


Noon: Take a walk to Dumbo!

With a free waterfront access that shows a great view, art everywhere and delicious food spots, DUMBO is the place to go. A small, walkable neighborhood that is a bliss to explore on foot, you’ll come across many restaurants and little shops. For  quick bite, there is a delicious famous pizza spot named Juliana’s located across the street from the waterfront. But if your looking for something more traditional to do while at dumbo, right on the corner of Old Fulton and Front streets is the famous Grimaldi’s, the boroughs best coal-oven pie.


 3pm: A small trip to Williamsburg!

Known for the hipster shops, restaurants and bars Williamsburg continue to hold on to that amazing fact. Mostly enjoyable for the younger crowd, there is no doubt that an adult would enjoy visiting there. The first place you wanna do is go thrift shopping at Monk Vintage (located in 496 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)



Lots of meatballs plus Italian comfort food in a no-frills setting on Williamsburg’s main drag. Located on 170 Bedford Ave. The meatball shops have many mix and match plates, variety of what kind of meat you want for your meatballs, all for under 12$.  Its small, and usually crowded at night but its worth the wait, its normally no more than 10 minutes.


10pm: BARCADE!

Looking to drink and have fun? Then go to Williamsburg unique vintage arcade bar. Located at  388 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Cool chill spot. Lots of games to choose from. Wide selection of beers on tap, they also offer bar snacks, but no meals here. They have an atm, you have to exchange your cash for the machine specified coins. 4 for a $1, and most games are 50¢. 4 stars because some of the machines ate my coins. 



10am: Breakfast at Lincoln Station

Looking for a simple coffee with a yummy sandwich, well stop by Lincoln Station, where theres a welcoming staff, and great food. Its a cozy little spot located couple of blocks from the Brooklyn Museum.


Noon: Last but not least, lets visit The Brooklyn Museum.

Located just on the west side of Prospect Park, at the Brooklyn Museum you can explore an extensive and comprehensive permanent collection that includes ancient Egyptian masterpieces, African art, European painting, decorative arts, period rooms, and contemporary art. You can take the 2 or the 4 train to Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum.

If you do decide to visit Brooklyn, You can stay at the Marriott New York at the Brooklyn Bridge (333 Adams Street; 718-246-7000; marriott.com) offers comfortable rooms and easy access to bus and subway. A deluxe room is $166 US/per night.

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