The Carlyle Site Visit Reflection (Thursday Class)

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I hope you found as much value in the Site Visit of the Carlyle as I did. Please share with you classmates what you learned by answering two of the following selection of questions.

How much did you know about the luxury hotel market before the site visit?
In what way do you believe you need to prepare for a career in the luxury hotel market?
How did you feel about going to The Carlyle?
What did you like/dislike about our site visit to The Carlyle?
What was the most significant information you learned while on the site visit?
Did you feel prepared for what you experienced during the site visit?
If you had a chance to meet the speakers again what would you tell them about yourself?
What one thing influenced your desire to work/or not to work in this industry?
What did you learn?

To answer the two questions of your choice, 1) create a blog post, 2) include the questions you are answering, 3) write a reflection that is about 50-75 words and 4) choose the category “The Carlyle, Site Visit”. The reflection is due before our next class session. It would be useful to also respond to your classmate’s posts.

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