Brooklyn Bridge (Historic/Heritage Tourism) Cynthia Alicea

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During our visit to the Brooklyn bridge you learned and saw many historic things about the area. The Brooklyn Bridge for example was built back in 1883 and it was such new technology that people were afraid to cross it. Being that my topic is Historic tourism i learnt that the area around the park used to be nothing for land fills and factories. people used ferries to cross the water to get to work; now people still do but more to enjoy and the ride. The ferries themselves have a long history connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. Until the bridge came along Brooklyn was a completely separate city from New York. the bridge made it possible to bring these to cities together. Tourist are attracted to this area because of its history and scenery. even though the history isn’t jumping out at you. There are plaques  all around explaining what events took place there. There is so much more history behind the Brooklyn bridge waterfront then we may even know.

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