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I first became interested in hospitality when I started working as a hostess at a restaurant called Brio Tuscan Grille. At first, I despised my job because I never understood why my manager was tedious. For example, I would get penalized if a guest told me “thank you” and I said “no problem”. Saying no problem was insinuating that there was a problem. I would have to respond saying either “my pleasure” or “you’re welcome”. As time went along I started to enjoy being a hostess. Interacting with different people and persuading people to try new things became enjoyable. When I began to serve I became the face of the restaurant. It was a slightly different interaction from being a hostess but my liking for the job increased tremendously. I noticed that I had outstanding customer service skills and I was quick with math. I started to realize that making my guest happy made me content. While I was working I was a junior at Farmingdale State College studying Interdisciplinary Studies. This job made me change my major as well as my career choice. I plan on attaining my bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and a masters in Food and Beverage Management. I want to go back and work at Brio Tuscan Grille and gain more experience and then open my own restaurant. I intend on managing the front of the house and being as tedious as my manager once was to me.

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